I LOVE COLOR! Look What The Mailman Left At My House...

  1. Well, I think I have decided that I LOVE COLOR in my Coach Bags - CLASSIC COLOR! I've pretty much 'traded in' my Signature bags for a few (2) colorful neutrals:
    My Turquoise Ergo Tote that I am absolutely GA-GA over!!! and the newest edition (thanks to a fellow tPFer)...my Red Leather Hobo!!! Don't they make a great pair!?!!!:tup::yahoo::heart:
    IMG_2212.JPG IMG_2214.jpg IMG_2209.JPG
  2. Great bags & great color!!:tup:
  3. Beautiful colors!!
  4. Beautiful bags!!
  5. Yes, love colors in Coach bags! Those are lovely.
  6. Ooh, I love the colors...:drool:
  7. I love colour too!!! those are both lovely!!!
  8. Gotta love colored leather! Yum!
  9. Congratulations! I :heart: them! The colors are beautiful!

    I am so boring all my coach bags are khaki, brown, and black LOL. I so need to start adding more color!
  10. congrats.
  11. I love Love LOVE the red hobo! You got that from someone on here!?!? It's beautiful!!
  12. Red Hobo is awesome. The turquoise Ergo Tote is amazing! Congrat on them both! Wear them well!
  13. They look great together!! I love a pop of color!! :heart:
  14. That looks really good on you! It's so good to see you so happy about your purses!!!
  15. love the colors!!