I Love Coach...really, I'm a little obsessed.

  1. Hello, all! I am new here! This is my very first post here. Anyway, I actually found this thread when I googled something about the San Marcos Coach outlet so I joined.

    I love Coach and just recently bought the Chelsea Optic tote...I don't think they are available anymore. I found it on the internet and knew I must have it so me and my friend (who was actually the one who got me all obsessed with Coach) went to Coach. We DID NOT plan on buying anything but then it was like...must...buy...Coach. But they didn't carry mine in the store so she ordered it for me to be delivered to my house. When she ordered mine, she told me there were only like 30 left in the warehouse!! I was like :o because the purse had only been out like a week. Anyways, I have the tote, my best friend has the satchel. We are happy people.

    :biggrin: Thought I'd share!
  2. Hi and welcome texas_girl! Congrats to you and your friend on you new purchases!

    I'm fairly new to the boards (and collecting Coach too), but was psyched to find them b/c like you, I'm obsessed with Coach. Unfortunately, unlike you, none of my friends are into it (though I have a feeling I might be able to "turn on" my best friend once her kids are a touch older and she's working again), but that's why this board is so great. The girls here are really nice too.

    Enjoy your new stuff (and post pics sometime if you can - I love seeing everyone's stuff!).
  3. Congrats on your first Coach! Believe me, this will not be your last:yes: After joining this board, I now want at least 10 other bags, and not just Coach! hehe
  4. Congrats, I would love to see pics of your new purchase (if you're able) & welcome to the board!! You will love it here, everyone is so helpful & friendly! If you have any questions or just want to express yourself don't be afraid, we all love to hear about each other & other's opinions.
  5. You aren't the only one who is obssessed! I have bought 5 Coach purses in less than a year. It was ALL downhill after the first purchase. Enjoy your new purse :smile:
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome!
  8. Congrats and welcome. And no worries...I think we all fall into the "obsessed" category!!
  9. Congrats on your purchase (pics maybe) and welcome to the board!
  10. a little obsession never hurt anyone. :smile:
  11. Actually this is my second Coach bag and I also have a Coach iPod case for my Mini. :biggrin: And my next goal - wallet! And, of course, there is another purse - I want a Hamptons bag!
  12. I want...to be YOU! I wish I had the money to do that!! I bought my first purse last year and got another one this year. At this rate, it will be one a year, haha, if even.