I love chloe again! See my new patent paddy!

  1. I saw this paddy today at Saks and HAD to buy it. It's a new patent/leather dome shaped paddy in "moka". The patent leather is a plummy brown and the regular leather is super soft and buttery. The hardware is antiqued gold, like the antiqued silver chloe has been doing, but in gold. The lock is covered in leather!:nuts:

    I haven't liked a new chloe bag in ages, but this bag just had me swooning! I hope you like!:heart:

    I included a pic of the serial tag on the inside pocket because I had never seen a # configuration like that before.
    new paddy 001.JPG new paddy 002.JPG new paddy 008.JPG
  2. Gosh, it's absolute gorgeous! I can understand why you bought it - it's breathtaking... I love the covered padlock!!
  3. Congrats KMSNYC! I love the leather! Glad to see you back in Chloe!
  4. That is one gorgeous bag!!!!! Congrats
  5. Congrats----beautiful!!
  6. Absolutely POW! I want one too! I have been drooling over the online pics forever and now it is time to see one in real life!
  7. KMSNYC...

    OMG...LOVE your new paddy...that plummy color patent is beyond gorgeous!!! Can I ask rough dimensions of your new addition & price?

    Up until a few months ago, I lived less that 3 miles from a Saks. Now, I'm 3 hours plus from the closest store :sad: I didn't realize I had it so good & it makes my handbag addiction a little more tricky...DH however isn't complaining :smile:

    Any info. would be most appreciated!
  8. Congrats! Looks lovely.
  9. GORGEOUS! I haven't seen any patent paddy's till this!!
  10. wow its so different


    Re the serial number - maybe Chloe are just making sure that its different again to stop the fakers

    Congrats again
  11. Hey Lula... the bag is about 15" at the base and about 11" tall. It's that perfect "big but not huge" size. I'd say it's about the same size as the smallest muse tote; the shape reminds me of the muse as well.

    The retail was $1935.:wtf: This was the only one they had (I asked the SA to check so I could let everyone know) but more will be coming in for the fall. I'll keep everyone posted if I see it anyplace else.... it really is such a special bag! I haven't been this excited about a Chloe bag in a loooooong time.

    Thanks everyone for the compliments! I :heart: chloe gals.
  12. What a beautiful bag!
  13. One of the most beautiful I have seen in a long time!!!
  14. Wow! Never saw a patent paddy before and it's a beauty,thanks for sharing!
    Do you have any modeling pics?
  15. Wow! I have seen that combo before! It is really eye-catching and gorgeous! :heart::wtf: