I Love Chanel!!!

  1. Any one know the name of Lauren's Chanel bag on the Hills. Help me find it.
  2. Sorry no clue but hopefully someone can help :smile:
  3. ^^You might want to try the Chanel subforum for Chanel related questions. They are the gurus!
  4. I believe its the GST but there are threads about this in the Chanel forum. Check it out.
  5. it's the Medallion Tote. . . moving to the Chanel Forum now. . . .
  6. Which episode? I also saw the Caviar GST on the show as well.
  7. I've seen her carry a couple bags....why don't you try doing a search.
  8. I answered her question. . .Lauren carries the Medallion, Jason gave it to her.
    Heidi carries the GST:yes:
    You're welcome to do a search, but it's been asked dozens of times and the answers are the same :biggrin: