I LOVE Chanel sunglasses!

  1. I was just going through my sunglass drawer, I guess Chanel is my favorite:tender:
  2. Mine too, I have 3 of them. I can only wear certain styles and I have been lucky with Chanel. Too bad they're so expensive:hysteric:
  3. Is that a silver case I spy ? I've never seen a silver one B-4 ! Or is it the pearl one ?

    I want a silver case !!!
  4. beautiful. i was so sad when i came back from Nordies and chanel without a pair. tried on so many but did not like how they fit on my face. plus i need me prescription in them.
  5. I LOVE the first pair on the left row, the round tortoise ones. When did you get them?
  6. its true that nothing compares to a pair of chanel sunglasses!! :tender:
  7. Guess you do like 'em! LOL!

    You have a great collection!
    If you haven't already, post that pic in the accessories thread above!:yes:Don't forget to watermark girls!
  8. They are my FIRST pair of chanel sunglasses, got them in NM KOP in like hmmmmmm, I'm gonna go with 1999....They are very classic, I don't wear them that much right now, but I'll certainly always use them
  9. You got it, it's silver! I think these were kinda special edition, but don't know for sure....they have the camelia on the glasses instead of CC's and the case has the camelias on the sides as well! I got them like 3-4 years ago in Hawaii, the silver case shows every single mark and scratch though:crybaby:
  10. LOVE Chanel sunglasses too! Great collection
  11. Chanel sunglasses are reallly nice! You have a nice collection!
  12. I love Chanel sunnies...I buy at least 2 pairs every year..cuz Im rough on them..LOL....
  13. I'm glad to hear you enjoy yours. I only have one pair of Chanels and I gotta tell ya ..... they really are uncomfortable. I'm very disappointed. They look great but they kill me. They pinch my nose and they are really heavy. Here's a pic of them.


    This pair cost me around $500. I expected them to be comfortable.
  14. those are beautiful Kat, but they NEED to be comfy, can you return them?
  15. I am quite sure they will let you exchange them . I sat on a pair of Chanel sunglasses one time ( I know..I know ) and bent them pretty bad , i can't believe I didn't break them ! But , I took them in to the counter to see if they could fix them and she said ,"oh just exchange them ! Which ones do you want ? " . They were almost a year old too . She gave me a extra case too !