I love Carly and Pamela

  1. Anyone have them yet? I think they're both just adorable!
  2. I have a lavendar Carly. It's got gold trim and is a really pretty bag. Also, it's not as heavy as a lot of the other styles.
  3. Do you know what the difference is between the Carly and the Pamela? I saw one when I was shopping in the states but I didn't get the name of it so I'm not sure which one it is that I liked. All I know is it was small sized and fits nicely under the arm. Can anyone help out?
  4. Lavender! Oooh I bet it's a great Spring bag, Nunnla!

    Kareberry, all I know is that Pamela is the smaller of the two bags. I bet that's the one you saw.