i love bv, poor mans substitute!!!!!

  1. hi i have beeen hankering over a bv bag sooooo long, and now i am going to get one (or two);) . i have been maing do with a karen millen choc tote and matching clutch, which are gorgeous but not bv, alas
  2. pics
    PICT0003.JPG PICT0002.JPG PICT0005.JPG
  3. Don't go overboard, but bite the bullet and buy your ost favorite BV. You will be so very happy! Keep us posted.
  4. I really like your wallet. There's a BV item for every budget, maybe not a large bag, but wallets, cosmetic cases, the mini woven bag, etc. Sales should be coming up soon with some seasonal colored bags, usually including some Venetas, so keep looking. I'm sure as soon as they go on sale someone here will post about it.