I Love Boots

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  1. I am male and I just love wearing boots of all kinds, but they must be black and made of leather. My obsession with boots goes back to my boyhood comic book hero - Dick Turpin, the famous English highway man. He always wore a magnificent pair of black leather thigh high boots which protected his pants from the mud as he rode his horse. Dick Turpin seemed to live in this lovely boots and I thought to myself what a thrill it would be to wear leather boots that came right up to my thighs. Over the years, I have built up a nice collection of boots including ankle boots, New Rock boots, biker boots, riding boots, and OTKs. I am awaiting delivery of two pairs of very tall boots which will reach the tops of my thighs. I just love boots!
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  2. My lovely new Extra Tall Big Texan Cowboy Boots from Embossy. big-texan.jpg
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  3. I have to say, my love of shoes started with boots, as a child. Probably cowboy tv shows... I have 3 pair of cowboy boots.(2 Lucchese and 1 Stewart). Also various Louboutin and Prada boots and booties... too many!! I like the tall black cowboy boots! Congrats!!
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  4. I too love boots, riding, moto, cowboy you name it. For Cowboy, I love love love Old Gringo, I've got four pairs including a limited edition I picked up while visiting a friend in Austin TX. I love rocking my Mayras, in dresses ;) below is a stock image, I don't feel like pulling mine down to take a pic. 373a121e3c308c6d8d3e5815a218be7c.jpg