I LoVE BIG totes 2!

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  1. I know everyone's sick of my Brentwood by now, but everytime I bring her out, it's a special day!!!! I love her with my new hoodie too!

    Happy Friday:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:

    It's nice to love what you have!

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  2. You look so colorful. I love it. What is that design on your shirt?
  3. It's so gorgeous, must feel like summer when you use it :girlsigh:

    P.S. Clean out your inbox, I tried to pm you last night ;)
  4. So cheerful and pretty! I think I might get a Houston or a Brentwood in the new candy apple red in spring....:graucho:
    I love totes too, but nothing too big, which would you recommend for me?
    TIA and HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU TOO!!!!:party:
  5. Thanks for letting me know! Just cleaned it out, so sorry to have missed your message, boohoo.... ;)
  6. Oh Michelle! The CANDY apple red, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it, maybe the Houston? The Brentwood is BIG, and it's a lotta framboise, sometimes it's very intense, but I needed all the Framboise when I got her... It would be nice to see both the Houston and Brentwood in person in the Candy Apple and be able to choose (i don't have that luxury); but if you don't want too big, everyone loves the Houston...

  7. It's a really cool robot by the James Brothers that I found at one of my favorite little boutiques last night, love anything cartoonie, anime, Murakamiesque, Am so excited to use the framboise with it!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  8. Great thanks! And, you are probably right with Vernis... a little bit goes a long way...don't want to be too bold!:nuts:
  9. That is a beautiful bag! It is great to have something that you love more everytime you use it!
  10. Love it! Looks great with your outfit...You're making me want to pull mine out :smile:
  11. I can see why. She is gorgeous, and I love your hoodie too!
  12. Veronika, :heart: :heart: your Framboise Brentwood.:love:

    btw, your house is awesome!:flowers:
  13. looks great on you
  14. oooh that's such a gorgeous color! and cute hoodie!
  15. You look awesome! I love big bags!