I Love Bedfords!

  1. reewwwwwwwwwwww thats icky!
  2. it's SO wrong.
  3. Oh Geez how awful, Looks like its just been hit by a bus
  4. And, we all just adore black vernis...:nogood:
  5. OMG :wtf:
  6. ewwwww
  7. Disgusting fake, eew
  8. Black vernis would be hot....if it's authentic!!!!!!
  9. cute haircut karmen:tup:

    We should send this fake to German customs....!
  10. Eww.
  11. Yeah I saw that..I've been reporting it but I don't know why it's still there.
  12. Eww...

    Yup, I love bedfords too, and I've seen this quite some time ago on eBay. Maybe it's just me but IMO, it looks like sh*t..! Lol... :p
  13. It's all lumpy....LOL

    OT...black vernis would be hot!
  14. I reported it. Eeew.