I love Balenciaga boxes ... and their contents!

Bridget S.

Apr 27, 2006
I *love* the sturdy white boxes, I collect them. They are just perfect for my oodles of yarn, if BalNY doesnt' have the right box for the Twiggy, I request a box for another bag. Imagine my delight when placing this order and Daphne says "I have a box for the first, or a big coat box". A big coat box? How big?? Oh heavens, it's at least 2' x 1.5'. It's enormous and I just adore it!!!

Now for what came in the box : ) I passed on a Grenat Twiggy last year at Saks, it didnt' have great leather and I didn't look for another. I have since regretted it and since Grenat is (unfortunately) one of the colours that the handles can get *really* dark, it's hard to find one in good condition on the 'Bay. I really kind of wanted a brand new one, if the handles are going to get dark, let it be my dark, not some other girls. I am also really quite good about Apple Garding my bags, so the most I have is minor warming rather than bags that look like the handle is a totally different colour from a totally different bag!

I remembered a while ago that Daphne had mentioned they had one when I called about Twiggy stock ... and she still had it! It's gorgeous, the leather is quite thick and some distressing, and no veins. It's going to break in and smoosh up *wonderfully*. The one thing I didn't like, was the the way the tassels looked like the dye didn't saturate them, so I got extra tassels and switched them out. You can see the "white" ones on the first two pics, but the next two you can see the well dyed tassels. Much better!

First pic of bag is without flash, second with flash, third and fourth are outside in natural light.

It's a dark bag, but has a lot of vibrancy .. if that makes sense!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope is taking a fab bag wherever they will be spending the holiday!

I wish you well,





Bag Lady
Jul 15, 2007
Beautiful! I love grenat! Actually, it looks like a very Thanksgiving color - you should wear it tomorrow!
Okay, we need modeling pics next to the box! That sounds like the biggest Bal box ever!


Mar 3, 2007
congratulations on such a pretty find! glad you managed to switch the tassels too since a lot of the other girls have had tassel hassle! happy thanksgiving :smile:


Aug 24, 2007
Congrats on a great find!!!
She is gorgeous! Now i'm torn between Grenat and Bordeux, they look so similar to me!!
And i love Bal boxes too! :yes: