I love Australian fashion!!!! <333 Size help!

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  1. I've recently discovered Witchery, Sretsis, & LOVER :heart:

    I'm obsessed with these labels! They're GORGEOUS :heart: :smile:
    I couldn't find ways to buy though so I'm looking on eBay.

    I just needed help with the sizes.

    What is a size 6 & 8 in the US? I think 6 is equivalent to a SMALL? But I'm only guessing.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi juicy!

    A 6 in Australia is the smallest (XS)... an 8 is the next smallest (S). I have to say, though, Witchery sizes are a bit more generous than the usual. I wear a 6 in Witchery and the camisoles and 'sexy' tops are always a bit too long in the straps and wide around the chest. I have no boobs though LOL.

    Srestsis and Lover are a bit smaller and cut a bit truer to size!

    If you tell me what US size you wear (and some of the brands) I can try and help you out a bit more...
  3. Awww thanks so much for your detailed help!!! ^_^

    Do you know where I can buy in the US? or Online???
    I was looking at the Sretsis smock dress & Lover jumper & Cali mid-waist shorts. I was a size 2/4 but I've gained a lot of weight- which I plan on losing. (currently dieting, haha)
  4. Hi again juicy

    Sretsis is available in the US at all sorts of places. Check out the website for a really comprehensive list of stockists www.sretsis.com. I can't paste just the stockists (sorry!) because the site tends to play up. Sometimes you have to click on stuff repeatedly, or refresh again and again.

    you can also get witchery online, although I'm not sure if they do international orders. www.witchery.com.au. They have a great online shop and I've ordered from them heaps with no problems whatsoever.

    Like I said, though, the 6 is XS and the 8 is S, but witchery tends to be a bit bigger than most sizes. It's hard to know how it'll fit you, but if you like your clothes fitted, I'd go a size down. For me, the XS is just a bit too big, while I'm fine with XS in most other brands.