I Love Angelina's Trench Coat !!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Rocking a white fitted St. John trench, tan pimps and oversized shades, the glorious Angelina Jolie was was the epitome of chic arriving at a midtown hotel in New York City earlier today. The entire Jolie/Pitt camp is in the Big Apple while Angie promotes her current flick, 'The Good German
  2. i love it too, very classy.
  3. Very nice coat..
  4. Wow, she looks gorgeous. I don't think I could pull off that trench without looking like a lab rat though!
  5. Angelina is a fan of trench coats. This one is very nice, she has a couple of other nice ones! Thanks for sharing.
  6. A very elegant look for her. She wears it well.
  7. She probably got it for free since she was in their ad campaigns. It looks great on her.
  8. She's so beautiful! :tender:
  9. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. =)
  10. she looks absolutely stunning most of the time, and this time's no exception! heck she could wear a paper bag and still rock that look lol