I Love All Things Havana

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  1. Here are pics of my new HH Havana with my favorite Havaianas and Che Guevara, our Havanese puppy.


    While the color (my cordovan got oversold and the black was sub.) lacks some zing, I love, love the style and feel of this bag. It is smooshilicious. I hope to snag another one in a great spring color!

  2. Gorgeous photos - you rock the Havana and Che Guevara rocks the house! I love the view through that window, too - that's SO where I want to be - someplace warm and sunny and green ...

    I think there's a cordovan Havana on e*Bay right now ...
  3. Great modeling shots! Sorry to hear that you didn't snag your first color choice but that black one looks marvelous on you. The puppy is adorable!
  4. I was gonna suggest getting a black tassel but I see you've got one already. I don't have anything HH black cause they have too many gorgeous colors. The Havana though, especially black is a staple and always a good investment. Congrats!
  5. You rock that havana! :tup: & your pup rocks the havana too :yes:
  6. Thanks everyone.

    AWWW India, I wish you'd hadn't told me about the Cordovan Havana on ebay. I need to recover from the 3 bags, 2 wallets, etc.!

  7. L & C...OMG..my summer kicks of choice are Havaianas..which ones are you going to use with the gorgeous Havana? Metallic black or something else..(Do you have the dragons in black silver and turquoise?) Your pooch furfamily member Che melted my heart...and if you could just send me a bit of your balmy SoCal weather I would be in heaven.

    You totally rock that bag!
  8. I love havaianas, too! I have the mettalic gold, silver, black, brown and fushia! I'm glad you like my little Che. I'll have to post a pic of Lucky, the lab. She's demanding equal time. Off to the pet pic thread!

    I'd be happy to send sunshine to you when it returns. Rained today. Boo!
  9. I thought you said you wanted the cordovan Havana instead. Which brown havana do you have, chocolate? I don't remember what the havaianas were.
  10. I wish I had Havanas in all those colors! Wouldn't that be great?

    I was talking about Havaianas which are flip flops from Brazil.
  11. My B
  12. Lovely Havana! Aren't they wonderful bags!? CONGRATS!
  13. Yeah, but they say we needed it. They always say that, don't they? Love the photos!
  14. Looks fabulous! I actually picked the same bag up for my mom during the Inauguration sale as she loves my Eggplant Havana... I may be borrowing it from time to time because the black is truly classic.
  15. I discovered that i loved this bag long after i put my self on a ban :smile: but am hoping to snag one at upcoming sale or later this spring for my birthday.

    for some reason i thought the bag was huge but i am so wrong! i think it's my perfect size! i do wish it were not a shoulder bag but i am sure i could rock it either way.