I love all my Vernis items BUT.....

  1. I hate it when they stick together inside my purse! I carry the cles, the pochette wallet and the agenda in vernis and it irritates me when they do a little "bonding" when I try to take one of them out.
    Does anyone else experience this? I try to wedge mono items in between them to prevent this from happening but it doesn't always work out....
  2. Hmmm..right now I have my Frambosise agenda, pomme 4 key holder and they seem to be okay, BUT they are in my huge BH so maybe they have enough space.
  3. I know what you mean. I have the pochette wallet and vernis agenda and I keep my azur mini-pochette inbetween them (I use it as a makeup case), so they don't "stick" together.
  4. will "sticking" together increase the chance of color transfer? :blink:
  5. ^^ I don't think with the darker colors you'd have to worry about that, but I'm not sure about the lighter colors, kwim?
  6. Oh man, that reminds me of my melting vernis dream, I'm soooo glad I'm buying a mono bag... no, I've never had this happen with any of my vernis items...
  7. umm...I never experience that kinda of problem!!
  8. You're putting me off vernis...should i be?
  9. I've never had anything from the Vernis line, but that doesn't sound attractive. :push:
  10. Im soooooooooooooooooo scared of color transfer that I baby my Mercer so much. It has a linen cloth under it lol...so its not touching anything. I love vernis but the color transfer is worrying, as of yet I have had no color transfer :sweatdrop:
  11. I know!! Having my share of vernis, it's nice to have epi and some damier azur... I haven't experienced any color transfer, but have some pre-loved pieces that do, and it's okay... but, obviously affected my subconscious, so I'm kind of branching out beyond vernis, but am considering Amarante Bedford and MC zippy wallet....:wtf:
  12. I say more vernis haha :nuts: But we will have to baby them !, Im considering more vernis and baby blue...but Im really worried about the color transfer so I will have to wrap them in sheets haha:p
  13. Yup happens to my wallet and cles. They like to stick together and kiss all day long in my bag. I do what you do, break them up and place monogram agenda in the middle.
  14. Never had that problem I have cles and key holder guess they don't like each other that much :shrugs:
  15. That's right we'll suffer for beauty that's for sure, wrap em in hair colorists robes...sheets, saran wrap.. haha... that baby blue keepall is sooooo to die for, gotta protect that baby, am using my lavender sullivan today, she's soooo gorgeous! Go for the baby blue, it's very fragile! ha! Bout as fragile as lavender.... oh well....

    It was made to be loved! and, cared for by vernis nuts like us!:nuts:

    Think I'll go out and spend about 10K on nuthin but perle items... mmmmmmm...