I LOVE accessories - Come see my new '04 Turquoise Make-up

  1. You might have figured by now that I am so in love with the many beautiful accessories... It's horrible actually, I keep messing up my Violet budget buying these smaller beauties... But - I just couldn't let this one go! It is so seldom that older accessories pop up at my favourite Danish auction site, so I BIN'ed it immidiately... :yahoo:

    I'm leaving for a small vacation, so I wont get her until next weekend, but until then... The pic that stole my :heart:

    I think it looks a little greener than Turquoise normally do, so it might have faded a bit, but it does not look yellowed to me, so I'm happy with it anyways :yes: Hope you like it too...
  2. WOW MissM :nuts: this is breathtaking :yahoo:! I'm so happy for you and I like it very much too :yes::tup:! On this picture it looks like a real (and not faded) '04 turquoise to me, so beautiful :tender:! Congrats sweety - enjoy it :flowers::love:
  3. Thank you Firstclass...

    I think I'm just having a hard time deciding on the Turquoise coloring... All the pictures I have seen of Turquoise styles looks different... But I know i do LOVE it and cannot wait to hold it in my hands..:yahoo:
  4. MissM : Ur accessories are growing and i have lot every bit of your bal collection esp the accessories range....this 04 MU clutch is gorgeous! Congrats once agaiN!
  5. Congrats MissM on a rare find! I love the 04 Turquoise and it's so cute in the make-up! :yahoo:
  6. Thank you CELIA... I know I don't have that many bags, but I'm waiting for Violet - and I really like the older bags better, so therefore I am beeing patient.. I don't have the same purse-budget as many seem to have in here, so I'll only buy a bag - if it's on my wishlist... But the accessories... Can't seem to let them pass, even though that would ease the budget over time... Hmm...
  7. Thank you Cracker... It's all the beautiful pictures you keep posting... They make me lust for all the wonderful oldies... But I think a clutch can do it for me when it comes to lighter colors...
  8. Make up clutch is one of my favorite accessories too.:tup: Congrats:yahoo:
  9. Love the Makeup - and it's such a joy to find it in an older color! :yahoo: congrats on the wonderful little addition to your family :wlae:
  10. i love the make up and it looks amazing in this color!!! congrats on such a rare find!!! aren't accessories just the best, they are so cute and impossible to turn down!! lol
  11. What a cute little Turquoise make-up bag.Congrats!!!!!!!
  12. I also love the make-up!!! WOW~ what a rare find!!! Turq. '04 is very hard to photograph~ in lots of pics it looks blue but there is green in it. So beautiful!!!!
  13. Thank you all, - I'm so happy with it! It's my first '04 gem, but hopefully not the last...
  14. Soooo pretty! I love the '04 turquoise, even though I have only seen it in pictures. What a lucky find. I am sure that you will get a lot of use out of it!
  15. Love, love, love it! I love make up clutches. I wish I had one every color! :smile: Yours is just beautiful. Can't wait until you receive it. :smile: