i lost my.... =(

  1. ... balenciaga dustbag =( i probably left it at the hotel where we stayed in hong kong! i felt soooooo bad when i found out it's missing! im so bothered even if it's just a dustbag. i feel that my bag isnt complete without it......do you guys know if i can buy a replacement from balenciaga?
  2. I'm sorry about that! I don't know if you can get a replacement dustbag from BalNy, but have you called the hotel and seen if someone turned it in? Maybe they still have it. It's worth a call.

    I wish you well,

  3. oh, i know how you felt... when i bought my flat brass classique, it didn't came with the dustbag. but the bag was tooo cute, but i used it a lot so i never really have put it in any dustbag though :P
    please call the hotel before it's too late, because they might just throw it away.
  4. does anyone know how much balenciaga dustbags sell for?
  5. sometimes they pop up on eBay... go for about 10 bucks or so.
  6. i did call them but the lost&found department said they didnt find it in the hotel room. the housekeeper must have thrown it away since it looks like the hotel's laundry bag.i was in lantau island already when i found out i lost it and i actually planned on taking the public transport back to the hotel just to get it back but they said it's not there.... =(anyway a PFer offered to sell hers and we're wondering how much i should pay for it. anybody? =)
  7. ^^ oh thanks mocean! u answered my question while i was just typing it!
  8. I would try to call Bal-NY to see if they could send you a replacement. If not, a soft pillowcase would work!