"I Lost My Wife to Louis Vuitton" Forum...

  1. DH told me that he wants to start his own forum... the "I Lost My Wife to Louis Vuitton" Forum. He wants to start it off by offering other men a chance to commiserate about how little attention they get ever since their wives acquired their first LV. DH is so funny! :roflmfao:

    He had a great time going to LV yesterday to pick up my Mono Mini Josephine - chatting with the SA, etc. (although he won't admit it!).
  2. LOL!!! That is too funny!!!:lol:
  3. Lol :smile:
  4. Lmao!
  5. hee hee. sounds like a keeper! congrats on your great hubby and your new addition!
  6. LOL, my DH will join that forum
  7. haha so cute :love:
  8. My DH would definetly join the forum if your husband decided to go start it :P He was telling my sister over the weekend how all I talk about now is what new things I learn from the forum :amuse:
  9. our men should start an "i lost my wife/girlfriend to the PF" forum :roflmfao:.......i know my boyfriend is either ignored for the PF or is hearing about the PF from me constantly :biggrin:
  10. I just showed this to my hubster and he said, "where do I sign up?"
  11. My dh AND my kids are aware of my being on the PF a lot!!! It keeps me sane amongst their craziness lol!!!
  12. lol Better than "I Divorced My Wife 'cause of Louis Vuitton!" Poor broke husbands!
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA now wouldn't THAT be BAD!!!!! :shocked:
  14. Ha Ha this is so funny. I just said this to my husband and he said, "It could be worse". I said what do you mean? He said, "You could be addicted to those Birkin things" What a sweetie!!!
  15. awww, thats cute!!!