i lost my wallet :(

  1. I bought gas late last night and set my wallet on my car while I was pumping it. Apparently it fell on the ground, or I forgot to grab it, and it vanished into the night. I didn't realize it was gone until I was on my way to work this morning :sad: I flipped out. I'm not too upset about losing the wallet itself (it was cute, but really cheap), nor was there any cash in it...but GONE are my credit cards, bank card, driver's license...and social security card :Push:

    my boyfriend went back to the gas station to look for it, but it was long gone (although he did talk to a bum, who promised to turn it in if he ever came across it:rolleyes:).

    So I spent all morning at work calling to report all the money cards as lost. I placed a fraud alert on my credit report, and am going to have to subscribe to one of those inquiry notification services. I have to get a new license and ss card, and I guess I'll have to use my passport to get cash at my bank til my new credit and check cards come. this is such a pain and I feel sooooooo stupid...
  2. Gah! that's no fun!
    But don't feel stupid, it happens to everyone at least once I think.
    I've left my purse more than once.

    Hopefully the process of getting everything back will be relatively painless.
  3. Things like this happen all of the time (unfortunately ) you did the right thing though, reporting it to the authorities. It can be sometimes a pain in the ass getting everything back.

  4. aww, that sucks so much! I lost my CC once while I was in Europe. I flipped out...9 am my time there - 5 hours time in the US, calling my aunt to get in touch with my dad b/c my dad wasn't answering his cell...anyways, to make a long story short, I called the store I used it last at and they had it! They forgot to give it back to me! More calls abroad and all was fixed. And get this...it was Christmas Eve lol!! I was, of course, doing last min. shopping!!

    At least you caught it early, knowing my luck, I wouldn't have noticed for a few days and would have been SOL! hehe :smile:
  5. Things like that happen. It's really stressful! Just a word of advice for the future and for everyone out there: NEVER CARRY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD WITH YOU. Leave it at home in a safe place.

    Sorry about putting it in bold and all caps--but it's really important to remember!
  6. ugh. i've lost my wallet before too (when i was in korea). it was the worst feeling...no passport, money, id!

    by bf at the time bought me the compact zipper LV wallet. he said that the wallet you carry should always be a gift (he was very superstitious!). he believed that if you buy your own wallet, you will inevitably lose it.

    i still have and use that LV wallet!

    So, a good excuse to get a nice wallet as a gift!
  7. at least I don't feel so alone now. my mom bought me the wallet I lost, so I don't think I'm buying the whole gift security idea...haha.

    and NEVER carry your social security card with you! I will never do that again (I had it in case of a job hiring).
  8. sorry to hear that it happened to you.. I hope u get it taken cared off as soon as possible.. it happened to me before but luckily, I remembered it within minutes..
  9. Bethany, I'm sorry to hear about this. However, there's absolutely no need for you to feel silly, it could happen to anyone.
  10. I am so sorry to hear this, I think we've all done similar stuff so don't feel silly! At least it wasn't an expensive wallet :smile:
  11. Oh no, that sucks! :sad: Don't feel stupid, it could happen to anyone. Good luck in getting everything replaced and back to normal!
  12. Man, that sucks!!!! Don't feel stupid - it's such a pain in the butt to replace everything, but I'm sure we've all done it.

    Just after I had moved here to Holland I had my bag stolen whilst loading groceries into the car. My 6 month old was sitting in the trolley - some guard he turned out to be! Anyhoo, I was left in a foreign country with no money, phone, ID, petrol in the car and a baby blinking innocently at me. My husband was also overseas for work at the time. Thankfully I had the car keys in my hand so at least I could get home (just). I had to borrow money off the boss' wife to get me through a couple of days.

    Good luck replacing everything *hugs*
  13. oh no! that's like my worst fear, i don't know what i would do!

    i will reiterate to anyone reading this (i'm not trying to lecture you, bethany!) how important it is to keep your social security card at home - both my parents work for social security, so this is an issue near and dear to my heart, and you best believe that mine is safely in a drawer. it's never been torn from the sheet of paper it comes attached to and it's still in the envelope that they mailed it to my parents in way back in 1985. i was completely surprised when i found out that so many of my friends carried theirs with them (you best believe i put a stop to that!)

    but it sounds like you've done all you can do to protect yourself, and you shouldn't feel silly because your mistake was not uncommon! i'm completely OCD about checking to make sure my wallet is in my bag with any credit cards i may have used intact after i pull it out because i KNOW if i didn't check myself five times, i would have lost it many times over by now.
  14. I feel your pain. I did that once. (big hug.)
  15. That's my worst fear too! I am rethinking what my wallet will contain now!

    I hope no one buys something with your credit cards or uses your social security number. =(