I lost my outlet virginity! Pics!

  1. I traveled 3 hours to my closest outlet (san marcos) yesterday and I had a lot of fun! I took my SIL with me, but I made her drive, and I made sure to wear my red patent hobo, LOL. It was crazy in there! I was holding about 5 different bags when one of the SA's came out with one Lg choc. cotton carly.. I happened to be standing right near him and I was eyeballing the bag wondering if he pulled it out for someone else. Well he asked me if I had seen it before and if I wanted it, I did of course! It was actually one of the bags I was looking for! :yahoo:

    Immediatley this girl came up to me and asked if I was going to buy it and I said yes.. She turned to her friend and said "she's gonna get it" and the friend almost looked as if she was going to cry right there. Then this man asked about it for his wife and he was persistant.. he asked 3 more times before I left! The SA even came up to me and told me I better hang on to that bag because everyone wanted it! :amazed:

    There were so many cute things in there but I was on a budget so I got the carly and the fragrance beauty case:wlae:

    My SIL got a black sig east west duffle and matching wallet...

    I took an updated pic of my collection and then I got the wristlet today in the mail.. I totally forgot I won it on eBay!

    sorry about the long post!
    DSCN1318.JPG DSCN1322.JPG DSCN1325.JPG
  2. lovely!!!
    i love the blue stripe wristlet!
  3. Wow - nice outlet finds! You did very well! Your collection is very nice. :yes:
  4. What a great collection...love that red patent in the middle!!!! congrats on your outlet finds...welcome to a whole new world of coach! Sometimes it really is the thrill of the hunt for me!

    Enjoy all your babies!
  5. And it was well worth the wait. Great finds!
  6. Hehehe...must of felt like you were being stalked in the store. Happened to me at my first visit to the outlet...had to turn around and tell the lady I was not going to put the bag down and please stop following me. Dont think she liked that.
  7. oo congrats on your purchased
  8. Great finds and you have a great collection!!
  9. Congratulations. :smile: I LOVE the San Marcos outlet. I'm in Houston too so I don't get to go very often. My bf's friend's wife *sort that out why don't ya? *L** has already informed me that she will be going with me the next time I go. I'm jones'ing for an outlet trip.
  10. Great outlet finds!!
  11. great finds, i think you will be going more often now. hehe, i have that carly in medium and carried it today and yesterday and it is too heavy for me. don't know it it just needs some getting used to.
  12. Congrats on all of your goodies!
  13. Great finds!!
  14. I love it all! Congrats!
  15. Congrats!!! Great stuff!!!