I lost my MJ zip clutch!!

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  1. I am so pissed!!!! I love my MJ zip clutch very much, especially it's in putty! My fave color! :hysteric:
    I lost it last Thursday when I was getting on the bus. I didn't remember if I put it back in my bag or not. It might fall or worse, someone stole it! If it wasn't stolen, I doubt anyone would ever return it!!!!:cursing:

    Agh! I feel so stupid. Not only I lost my fave wallet, now I have to renew everything I had in that wallet. :crybaby::crybaby:

    Now I have to save my money again, cause I'm seriously thinking about getting another one. I'm afraid I can't get the same color :crybaby:

    Is there such thing as miracle?
    Photo 4.jpg
  2. aw i'm sorry to hear that. maybe it will show up somehow.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that CC.:s

    Sending you positive thoughts for its' safe return.
  4. Sometimes when people steal wallets they take out only the cash and throw it out in the nearest trash can. If a good hearted person sees it in the trash, they may bring it to the nearest police dept and track you down. That's what happened to my mother in Paris, a person was nice enough to mail it back to her in the US because her phone number was in it.
  5. Oh thithi, I wish that was exactly what happened. What if the person who stole or found my wallet also an MJ fan? I'm screwed.
  6. :sad: OMG I am SO sorry that happened to you! You must be beside yourself..I can only imagine..Hopefully it will be found and sent back to you....Last week I was walking through our marina parking lot and I happened to look down and there was a beautiful (thick & heavy!) gold bracelet lying on the pavement...I kind of had an idea whose it might have been....I found her and she had tears in her eyes before I even asked her if it was hers..When I showed her the bracelet she practically fell over.....I was so glad it was me that found it because many people would have just kept it..And it was one hell of a piece of jewelry...Keep the faith....Hopefully an honest person will find it....Good luck! :heart: Emmy
  7. Oh gosh I would throw up.. So sorry that happened!
  8. I'm sorry to hear about your clutch! That's so awful. I lost my wallet before too. I was lucky that it happened at an upscale mall (South Coast Plaza) and someone turned it in. But I know that feeling of panic and and just being really bummed out. I hope yours turns up!!! Who knows, maybe it's in the mail on its way back to you! :yes:
  9. Yes, I believe in miracle. =)
    I'm sorry this happened, I hope it comes back to you. Losing a wallet is hard, but the troubles of getting replacements for ID, Credit Cards are much worst. Crossing my fingers for you.

    Putty is an old and discontinued color from several seasons ago, all styles (in Putty) were marked down at least 40% at Nordstrom. If you do need another replacement, I hope you can find another one there. Good luck.

  10. chloe, I am so sorry to hear!! I can't imagine what you are going through. I am going to sound like my mother for a minute.....(bare with me)... you did check every single place you thought you had it twice, right? and retraced your steps? Once my BF was freaking out that he lost his wallet, and it turned up under the bed... I guess he dropped it and it got kicked under?!? He was so excited!!

    I hope that helps? *Wishing you some luck*
  11. Oh Chloe...I'm so sorry! What a horrible feeling. I hope you can get it back somehow. I believe in miracles too!
  12. Alright, sorry if I rain on your parade but there's no such thing as miracle. It's been 2 weeks and I haven't got back my wallet. The bright side, my hubbie got me the same exact wallet to cheer me up!! This time, I'm gonna be a little bit more paranoid about my wallet after everytime I need to use it :nuts:.
  13. Congrats on getting a replacement on the wallet. You have a nice hubbster!

    Frankly I'd have been more upset about losing the contents. My biggest fear in life (well, almost!) is losing my wallet/handbag. My LIFE is in that thing!!!:wtf:
  14. Well maybe your husband is the miracle worker!:P ;) I'm happy you got a new wallet to replace the old one!:yes:
  15. agree, he is a miracle worker! Did you get the same color? Putty is hard to find! Wonderful!