I lost my LV DE Emilie Wallet

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  1. Ive been super forgetful lately with so much on my mind. I lost a beauty on sunday and I am so disappointed in myself.

    Has anyone lost one of their LVs?! How did you feel?!
  2. Bummy, sorry to hear that. I lost an LV wallet in a cab before. It was a White Multicolore Porte Tresor. I put it in my bag, but I guess it didn't go back into my bag (problem with slouchy bags). The worst part was that I was traveling, and didn't realize that I had lost it till 2 hours before my flight. Delta let me fly home with no ID, luckily.

    Now I always double check the cab seat after I get out of the car.
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  3. sorry to hear that. I know these are materialistic items but man the time and money to replace everything including the wallet is hard! Definitely going to be more mindful and aware now;(
  4. I'm so sorry this happened to you, it's a horrible feeling and I completely understand :sad: I get forgetful too when I'm stressed, don't be too hard on yourself.

    A similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago, I put my 2 week old 6 key holder on the roof of my car and drove off, I didn't realise until I got home from the supermarket what had happened because my car key was on my Cles. I was fortunate enough to get it back a week later, someone handed it in to the police. Unfortunately it was a bit damaged but I was very lucky.

    You never know, someone honest may hand your wallet in. I never thought I'd see my key holder again but there are still some honest people around.

    I really feel for you, are you able to buy another one?
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  5. Thats exactly what happened to me! I went to air up my tires and put my wallet on top of my car and drove off! I didnt realize it until i got to the store and tried to purchase something.

    And i will be saving to buy another one at a later time. For now im using my cles as a mini wallet. Im now thinking of getting the josephine wallet;)
  6. It happens so easily, save up to buy another one and put it down to one of life's experiences (I know that's easier said than done though).

    I hope you didn't lose too much money and/or cards along with your wallet, it's always worrying when that happens and a hassle to get everything replaced :sad:
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  7. I had about $200 inside along with my debit, target card and costco card. Thankfully no other cards were inside.

    And thanks for your kind words:smile:
  8. I'm so bummed for you. It's hard to lose material items. In the big scheme of life you know that there are many more important things than a material item but it still is difficult. You feel let down in your self for making a mistake. Sometimes the material items represent feelings or special moments in our lives. You have an attachment to them. Many of us work very hard to get these items. You know how much work you will have to put in to replace it. All I can say is that I understand and try to enjoy planning and shopping for your next LV wallet. Maybe an amazing new color or style will come out that you will :heart:
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  9. Ugh, yes. I lost my DE Emilie too! And the worst part of it is that I lost it somewhere in my house, but I've ripped it apart and can't find it. I swear it fell in the recycle bin or something and got tossed out. I sucks and bugs me still almost 2 years later.
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  10. Thank you! And definitely will be saving for a new wallet. Im thinking of the josephine or zippy compact.. Until then i will be using my cles as a mini wallet☺️
  11. Man it hurts and its frustrating right?! Well i hope it miraculously re-appears as i hope someone will return mine as well if found.
  12. I left my wallet in a grocery cart one time, it wasn't and LV but it had EVERYTHING in it. I was miserable. But someone turned it in with everything in tact, even the money. GOD BLESS THEM!!! IT had my life in it I was sick. I very sorry you lost your wallet. Maybe someone will turn it in or contact you, if I found it I would mail it to you.
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  13. I lost my Elise wallet two years ago. The saddest part is that I have no idea when it even went missing, but it was in a span of two days where I didn't touch it. I was devastated, even more so when I found out they discontinued it and had to settle for the Anais. The Anais is lovely, but I miss the old style. I still have dreams about finding my Elise, lol
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  14. Thanks.. I hope one day they mail it to me too! ;((
  15. I'm so sorry for you!!!

    The first and thankfully only designer items I have ever lost were designer sunglasses I lost years ago - Versace & Gucci. I never found them and it made me hyper focus on track my things.
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