I lost my kitty!

  1. She's been gone for 2 hours! :crybaby:When she goes outside to play, she usually comes back every hour to check on me. I've been calling her for 30 minutes and she still hasn't come home! :crybaby:I don't know what to do!:crybaby:
  2. when shes hungry, she'll be back!
  3. also cats are notorious for being close by and just watching you call to them. They are very cheeky that way. The older they get, the bolder they get and try to stay out as long as possible. If you cat isn't fixed yet, please get that done ASAP. that will help keep her close to home too.
  4. She is fixed. She is 5 months old and she just started going outside this week. She's been so good about coming home every hour to let me know she's safe, but i can't find her anywhere!
  5. eeek. 5 months old is too young to let her out on her own. when she comes back do not let her do that anymore. if she is going to be an indoor/outdoor kitty, wait till she is older - like almost a year if not a full year old. can you leave the door open for her to come in?

    p.s. if you do let her out again, stay outside with her and bring her inside with you when you go in.
  6. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her - she's probably just wandered off somewhere and will be home whenever she's hungry :yes:. But ITA with what bagsnshoo said, my little girl didn't go out before she was almost one. As said, I'm crossing my fingers!
  7. Awww!

    But dont worry. Cats have amazing smell and detection. They can be randomly dropped off MILES away and cats can somehow find their way home.

    She probably went on an adventure, found a playmate, or is hunting a mouse and will be home in a few more hours!

    Just let your neighbors know so they can keep their eyes peeled for her.

    She'll be home soon!
  8. I had a cat for 15 years. Don't worry. she should be back!
  9. I'm praying she comes back safe and sound.
  10. She should come back when she's done exploring, maybe just getting a little too brave or curious for her age. Sure will be hoping the little kitty comes in soon.
  11. :crybaby:I am so sad!! My baby has not come home and the sun is down! She has been gone for 6 hours! I have been crying for the past 3 hours. I put up lost posters everywhere and my neighbors have said they will keep an eye out for her. I drove around the surrounding neighborhoods and even walked them while screaming her name. I want her back at home where she is safe!:crybaby:
  12. Im so sorry your kitty is lost, I'm sending you a huge bunch of hugs right now. Once she gets hungry though she will probably come back home. I have a cat also, so I can only imagine what you are going through. Just try to stay strong..I hope she is home with you again really soon!
  13. Awwww, I hope she comes back soon! I think lots of cats do this...
  14. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  15. what city are you in? Maybe other local tpfers can keep a look out, do you have a pic?