I lost my hangtag

  1. I lost my hangtag!!! I went all over town, re-tracing my steps for the last 2 days and I no one's found it!!!! :cry::cry:

    I called customer service and they said if they had one in stock the would send me one!! Now all I have to do is sit and wait with my fingers tightly crossed.

    It makes me so upset, I know it's something SO SMALL, but I feel like my bag is lost without it.
  2. I know how you feel! It's like that tag makes the bag "complete" in some way. I get so paranoid about losing the tags that I take them off and hang it somewhere inside the bag, like either on the metal loop or even off the 'made in China' tag, just so I don't lose it... Hope you get a replacement!
  3. What makes it even more upsetting is that I lost it from my ALL TIME FAV. Coach bag EVER!!! I still love her and still think she's beautiful, but I feel like a part of her his missing (listen to me I'm starting to go crazy :upsidedown:).

    I'm usually very good about things like this and I was walking along today and looked down and it was gone.

    And what upsets me is I'm always checking my bags for the hangtags and today I checked and it's gone, it was like something "told" me "check your hangtag because it's gone."
  4. I had the same problem...when i called coach they said they would send me a replacement, and what they ended up sending me was an older fashion plain tan (I have a dark brown leather) hang tag...(ugly).:yucky:..it did not even match the purse...I had given them the ID no. inside the pruse and everything. :crybaby:GOOD LUCK!!!
    P.S. I started to take "crazy glue" and put a dab on the chain connection so that it would not come apart on every bag I buy now.:tup:
  5. Yeah they said on the phone "if they have it in stock" if not, they're sending me a generic brass metal one to match the hardware. I'm grateful by all means that Coach is such a great company that they'll send me a replacement, but I really have my fingers crossed nice and tight that it matches my bag.

    I may start doing to crazy glue thing, that sounds like a good idea to me!!!
  6. I hope you'll be able to get a replacement.
  7. I got one of those brass generic ones when I called for a replacement for my 06 legacy leather black shoulder bag and I said something to my SA about it and she went to the back room and brought me one out! She said whenever they have to destroy damaged merchandise they keep the tags for instances just like these. I'd give your boutique a call if you don't get the right one from Coach. Good luck!!

  8. Oh Yeah! I agree with you on that one...they are wonderful and always stand up for their products. Unfortunately...I felt bummed:tdown: when I got that hang tag...My purse does not feel the same without her original tag. I actually never put the one on that they sent me.:crybaby:
  9. I went to my local boutique b/c I lost mine off of my Ergo Hobo, and they just happened to have one in the back so they gave it to me. Check your local store.
  10. The stores do keep replacement tags in the back for people that loose them. I would try there!
  11. Ohhh....I'm sorry hell_lo_kitty!!!! I would be lost w/o mine too. I'm glad they will at least send you a tag to match your hardware if they don't have the one that matches your bag!! That is so cool of Coach to try to replace tags. I didn't know they did that!! Well, I have my fingers crossed for you!

    crazy4coachbags-thanks for the awesome tip!!! Thats a great idea!! I've never thought of that!