I lost my Dbl C earrings

  1. Gals, I am so terribly sad I lost my CHANEL double C crystal earrings.:sad: I got them last year for christmas and their gone!! JUst thought I share my angst, thanks for listening!!:flowers:
  2. awwww (((((((((hugs)))))))))) I am so sorry.
  3. It sucks to lose something...maybe there is hope yet, and they will still turn up!!!
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. I have those same ones, and I love them. I hope they turn up.
  5. I hate that.... it happens to the best of us.
  6. Sorry to hear that.
  7. Arrggh!! I totally feel your pain. I lost one of my Chanel handbag earrings. I might as well have lost both. It has been about 3 months now and I still haven't found the other one.

    Good luck. Try your car. Sometimes I take mine off when I am driving and I forget about them.

    Here's a pic of my one earring. If anyone else has just one let me know - I'd be happy to buy it!!
  8. oh no!! i am sorry to hear!
  9. i feel u i thought i lost one of my clip ons one day and i was a mess..
    2 days later it popped up entagled in my dust ruffle on my bed.
    did u loose 1 or both
    in any case sorry to hear that
  10. Isn't it awful when they go missing? I find I spend hours looking everywhere! It's so upsetting. :sad:

    Sometimes it will turn up... my PHH once found a pierced earring in the car, that must have fallen out of my ear while I was adjusting my scarf. The thing is, he would never have looked if I didn't tell him to keep his eyes open for a single earring.

    So tell everyone you know that you lost them and maybe someone else will find them for you!
  11. aw, sorry to hear about that, sonyaphi!

    maxter, i've never seen that handbag earring before. it's so cute! i hope you find the other one soon.
  12. Oh! Too sorry!
  13. I lost both!! I took them off while I was on the computer and placed them on the desk. Maybe, hopefully my mother-in-law borrowed them and forgot to tell me she took them, hopefully!! Keeping my fingers crossed cause I also missed placed my blowdryer I am thinking she might have borrowed that too.:shrugs:
  14. Yeah I can get pretty hysterical especially when it's something I really like! My husband thinks I am loney! He said just go and get another pair. But there's something about not knowing where they are, when you know exactly where you left them. but anyway I am getting over it I was :hysteric: a few days ago because I really wanted to wear them and in order to get a new pair I have to drive 3 hrs. to and 3 hrs. back so it wasn't an option!!
  15. Neiman Marcus has a ton of them in stock. I am sure you could order them. If your NM's doesn't have, they can always get them and send them to you. If a NM doesn't have them in stock, but can get them from another store, they will send them to you free of charge.