I lost my credit cards!!! aaarrrghhh! (sorry just want to rant)

  1. I just realized I lost my credit cards today. :cursing:They could be stolen or they fell out of my bag. Just donno what happened. I called my cc companies right away and good thing there wasn't any fraudulent charges (it has been few days that I lost them). I haven't been out for awhile so I didn't realize they're missing till today. They said it's gonna take a week to replace the cards. That's so long! Now, I have to carry cash everywhere......so troublesome. What the world comes into....seems like my life depends on credit cards. LOL
    Anyone experience this before?
  2. I just recently lost my Amex...it might be somewhere in the house though. Since having a baby, my brain has gone to mush! I cant remember ANYTHING!
  3. Yep me too... after having two kids, I become forgetful, and they always bug me when I go shopping. I always blame the kids for losing my stuff LOL just kidding!!