I lost my Coach

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  1. I was in the middle of a BIN and the owner says in the ad they take paypal. Then emails me to say he can't take paypal till next month since he is waiting for:sad:his email below)

    I'm registered with Pay Pal but I won't be able to use Pay Pal until next month because
    I'm still waiting for my "Expanded Use Number" to show up on my bill but the eBay department
    is going to handle the payment and shipping process of this transaction and they will handle
    the payment details.
    The deal will go strictly according to eBay's rules and policy regarding to this offer
    and to start the official transaction, I need to know a few details about you:

    I am scared to send 210.00 in the form of a money order and not get my purse. Would I be able to get my money back?

    What do you ladies think of this? I am not sending till I know.


  2. hmm well they are a powerseller but I don't see any reason why they can't take payment through paypal.. I think it sounds fishy. :confused1: Does he want you to send him the money order? I don't get how he is saying eBay will handle it.. some people (including myself) have had their email/ebay accounts hacked and taken over even if temporarily, so I would be careful. :yes:
  3. ebay is going to handle the transaction??? Ive never heard of that... and the Expanded use number.... I guess that is what it is called... It was there in two days on my online account. Im sure he can view his transactions online and get the code
  4. Now he is asking that I send it through Western Union. I love this bag but not getting a good feeling here. So I am going to pass.
  5. Here is the last message he sent me:

    I can give the option to pay by western union. or to pay using your credit card online at western union. will that work?

    due to my credit card failure i require the payment to be done through western union.

    Let me know soon!!!
  6. don't do it.
  7. I am SO not buying it now:

    I require the payment to be done through western union service due to my credit card failure and impossible use of PayPal account. Once payment will be completed, then we can proceed with the delivery.

    Let me know

    How do I retract my bid
  8. I wouldn't do it...I only pay through Paypal when I do eBay because of the buyer protection.

    I would contact eBay and state that per his auction, he said he took Paypal, and now he won't take it, so you want to cancel your transaction. If he says he takes a certain payment then he won't, eBay will protect you.
  9. Run away from this!
  10. A powerseller not accepting PayPal? That's incredible. :shrugs: I would only pay through PayPal to be safe.
  11. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to also email the seller FROM the ebay auction page...he could possibly not even know about this...I know 3 people who lost thousands of dollars by getting a second offer and having to pay thru western union, and never got anything....and never got their money back and the seller had no clue!!

    and the auction is still going on?
  12. Thanks Ladies for saving me 210.00 and LOTS of heartache. I want a denim bag but will pay 3 times that if it makes my feel better.
  13. Exactly! Even eBay tells buyers not to pay through Western Union when you go through the eBay checkout process.
  14. I heard before NEVER to pay by Western Union on ebay! He's scamming you, I'm not sure why they're powersellers though! I wouldn't do it.
  15. I have retracted my bid.

    Time to start looking for a new bag! But at least I feel better about it.