i lost my coach virginity at the orlando premium outlets!

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  1. it's a good thing i went at the end of my trip because if i'd had more money, i would have been a certifiable coach slut. :smile:

    i love this bag! not only was it half of what i would have paid at nordstrom (my best friend bought this bag in tan when it was brand new last year) but i've gotten so much more use out of it than i thought. it's black but not boring, not too slouchy but still casual, works with most outfits and fits a ton. it's not the carly i wanted and couldn't bring myself to save for, but i sure do like it.

    yay outlets!

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  2. super cute!!

    and I love the toilet in the background! hee hee!!

    great find!!!!!
  3. hehe. i forgot to mention ignore the messy bathroom. i was on vacation....no WAY was i cleaning ANYTHING. :beach:
  4. Congrats...it looks great on you!!

    And glad to know I'm not the only one that takes pics in the bathroom!!
  5. Great bag! Welcome to the wonderful world of Coach. :smile:
  6. Cute bag!! It looks great on you!!
  7. Congrats on the cute bag! Welcome to the dark side! :devil:
  8. Looks great on you. Congrats!
  9. Great looking bag, looks super on you!
  10. Cute bag! :tup: It looks great on you!!!
  11. Congrats. :biggrin:
  12. Great bag! I have that same one in the black and white mini signature. I LOVE it. You're absolutely right, it has the perfect amount of slouch. It's the first bag I bought while working at the outlet. Such a nice everyday bag. Perfect choice. :smile:
  13. Love It! Congrats
  14. Great bag!

    You look happy with it!
  15. OOOHHH..nice! Welcome to Coach...since this is your first, what other yummy bag brands are you in to?
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