"I lost my Choos!"

  1. Anyone recall which episode Carrie said this quote in Sex and the City? Any ideas appreciated - thanks!!:yahoo:
  2. Don't know what the episode is called but she's dating a congressman and she's catching the ferry back to Manhattan. Did that help?
  3. If it's that episode then it's "Where There's Smoke..."

    I can't recall her saying that
  4. Maybe you could find it by looking for the episode with Tatum O'Neill as the guest star. She plays the friend at whose house the shoes disappear from.
  5. Those weren't Choo's though, they were Manolo's

    And if that is the episode it's called "A Woman's Right To Shoes"
  6. It wasn't I lost my Choos - it was something else like it. But a previous poster was right - it was the ferry boat episode where she was dating the politician. It was right at the end. I think it was something about running in them or getting them wet.

    She lost the Manolos.
  7. In that case it's "Where There's Smoke..."
  8. That's right! I'm a sucker for SATC and I have all the seasons in dvd... that episode is indeed called "Ehere There's Smoke" and it's from the second season :yes:

    (That quote appears right near the end of the episode)
  9. Nope, third season ;)
  10. It was the third season, and I believe that they were lavender slingback Choos
  11. it was "i lost my choo!" because 1 fell off...
  12. nevermind. that was obvious. lol.
  13. ^^^ Ok, that makes sense. I was thinking of something else, which I very well could have made up in my own head. :yes: