I lost my Chanel glasses....

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  1. I lost my Chanel glasses about a month ago in the house. I looked all over for them. I think they fell off my nightstand in to the small garbage can by the side of it. You know how it is in the middle of the night reaching for the phone in the dark-things fall:sad: .....
    SO I have been wearing my old metal Laura Ashley glasses which are so NOT what I like. Perhaps it was meant to be. I need a new eye exam and saw the coolest frames when I took my daughter to the eye doctor a few months ago. I kept trying on the pastel frames because my frames were black and thought the pastel were a nice fresh look.

    Question:what was the worst thing you lost?
    I also lost in my house last year a diamond ring (UGH). It was a ring I had custom made-just a nice band with diamonds I got in a trade with my best friend. She was married a few times and has a very large diamond collection and just decided to take some diamonds out of one ring and gave them to me for a daybed. It did have sentimental value because she is a second Mom to me and it was such a nice thought on her part to want me to enjoy something she had in her youth.
  2. It seems I'm not the only one who lost stuff in my house. :lol: I've lost two gold bracelets and a pairing of hanging earrings in my house a few years back and never found them again. :weird:
  3. My snake!

    He was only a few months old, and he was my first snake. I went to take him out of his tank to play with him, and he wasn't there! We searched all over my room, and couldn't find him. My brother gave me another snake on Christmas of that year because I still really wanted a snake.

    Then, about 4 months after my snake went missing, we found him! He was curled up on the back stoop. We think he had probably been hiding in some pipes we had laying around in the basement, and that he had slid out when my dad was carrying the pipes to the garage.

    I no longer have the snakes (gave them to a breeder because I felt bad that I could never get their eggs to hatch), but I loved them a lot, and I was heartbroken when he went missing.
  4. umm, i've lost several things but always manage to find them eventually. heheheh.
  5. LOL.... I can so relate to this tread!!!

    I've lost things in my closet and room that were never found again.

    At least 3 different pairs of gold earrings... I'm sure they're hidden in the carpet, and 1/2 my socks are always gone (hence mismatched socks)
  6. I lost the keys to my car. I searched all over and could never find them. I had to share a key with my husband :sad: for 2 years. We finally just got rid of the car and now, I have my own key again.:biggrin:
  7. I cannot believe you lost your Chanels too. I am still sick about losing my Chanel sunglasses. I believe they're lost in my house too. It's been about 2-1/2 weeks.......
  8. Last week I bagged up a portion of my winter wardrobe to put in our storage here and like the ultimate goofball :blink: SENT IT ALL TO THE SALVATION ARMY. I must have spaced out and brought the donation bags and these down and asked my husband to take them.

    I went to add more to the winter bag and - OOPS- I was not happy. I am now over it. A few very nice things I will really miss because they're not replaceable, but hey- it's charity, and at least they didn't go in the trash.
  9. You have such a positive attitude about your experience. The upside, other than the fact that it went to charity, is that you get to replace those items next year.

    I haven't lost anything worth mentioning beyond the usual - keys, umbrella, etc.
  10. I lost my engagement ring and a family heirloom/diamond/sapphire ring my MIL gave me 2 hrs before my wedding. Needless to say I was FREAKING OUT :wacko: :wacko: !!!!

    After many cocktails and glasses of champagne later, I found them. The whole resort heard about this and we had every bellboy, maid, manager, wedding planner and photographer looking for them.

    After I found them, I remember breathing again.
  11. I lost my cellphone once. The worst thing about it was when I tried calling my phone someone answered. :evil:
  12. When my son was a baby he lost my wedding set. I got a prettier one to replace it but I miss it.:sad:
  13. we lost a lot.. someone broke in our house..
    my parents lost a lot... they dunt even want anyone to mention about it
    everyone lost lots of things laptops, cameras, TV's, money.. i know my sister lost her big collection, only the kate spade bag and the ferragamo wallet (it was in the draw) left
    me: purse collection that i lost, that time i had: cherry blossom retro sac the brown color one, cherry blossom papillon the pink one, mini spleaty denim, damier ribera, my cerises mules, MC trouville, Gucci bullet the mini one, Gucci flat bag, Gucci sunnies, Dior sunnies, and the Dior Girly Boston.... oh ya.. and my Chanel Chance, my Michael Korrs Island, and my Gucci Envy Me... and my Ipod (should have brought it to school that day.. i was charging it.. i guess i forgot)

    that was last year.. don't know how the people got into our house... my parents were the last one left the house... i know my mom... she is way to careful to forget about locking everything

    that was the saddest thing ever happened
  14. I lost Dior glasses after too many margaritas in a Mexican Restaurant. By the time I realized it, they ofcourse never saw any there.
  15. LOL Too funny. Well its not funny....but it kind of is! LOL