I lost lock on my first LV-Speedy 30!!!!

  1. I've got recently my first LV (so now I belong to the club;) ), Damier Speedy 30. I was so damn happy! But something terrible happened! I left it in the office for some time, and then the small lock was missing! :crybaby: . Lots of people are passing our office every day, so no chance to find the thief. Do you have any ideas where I can get another one? Or I shouldn't worry too much about it and leave it like this? I know, it may be stupid, but I'm worried some people may think it's fake, as the lock is missing. What do you guys think? I'm pretty down about the whole thing:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: .
  2. you can buy replacement locks at the lv store. :smile: dont worry abt it too much... good thing your whole bags wasn't stolen!
  3. You can get a new one from the LV store, not sure how much they are. I like the look of the Speedy with the lock.....I don't think it looks "fake" w/out the lock, just think that little lock is cute! :yes:
  4. btw, that is some weirdo... i mean, she or he probably took the lock coz she/he appreciates lv but then she is not classy at all for doing this. what a loser.
  5. no. people wont think its fake just because theres no lock on it...
    people will think its fake because they are jealous of your bag...(but i hope this never happens to you!)

    i think you can buy a new on at lv for a small price.. but im not sure..
    5 dollars maybe?
  6. Amazing someone would take the time to take the lock - and not anything else in the bag? That's just weird.
  7. Locks are about 25.00...

    But lots of people remove them, they don't like how they can pull and discolor the tab....so no worries.
  8. may be its not been stolen
    just hiding somewhere in your offie!
  9. locks are $25USD and they come with 2 keys. if you have a good relationship with your SA, they can get one for free for you. :smile:
  10. True, a good SA will give you a free replacement. Never hurts to ask. I would tell him/her what happened and if they have an extra one in stock, they just might give it to you. So sorry to hear it was stolen. No one will think it's fake since a lot of people don't wear the lock on the bag anyway. I think it looks cute on. Next time I would put the keys inside your bag hooked to the d-ring.
  11. I would recommend not keeping the key inside your bag when you get your replacement lock or attached to the lock. Leave the key at home!

    Hope you get your replacement lock soon!
  12. Maybe someone was jealous and thought it was "funny" to remove the lock
  13. That is a shame, some people! I agree with the above posters, call your SA and tell them what happened. Otherwise, you can buy one for $25.00, maybe a bit cheaper on eBay. Good luck.
  14. I'm surprised they left the bag!! That's so wierd that they would ONLY take the lock!
  15. ^ITA^