I Lost It.

  1. A couple of years ago for Christmas my parents got me this gorgeous wedding set for no other reason than the fact that I'd mentioned I'd liked it when I saw it in a Magazine. Yadda, yadda yadda. I LOVE the set, it's so beautiful and I wear the rings all the time (seperately of course), however....I've lost the eternity band. This is one of my all time favorite rings and it's been MIA since Easter Sunday when I wore it to the neighbors house for Easter dinner.

    I know, "where was the last place you had it?" Like I said, I just remember wearing it to the neighbors house and then the next thing I remember is not being able to find it 2 days ago. Checked my purse, my pockets...EVERYTHING. It's driving me insane. If I don't find that ring I'm gonna lose all my hair. I wish ya'll were here to help.
  2. Ohhh!So sorry!
  3. I often take rings off while I'm in the kitchen and put them on a shelf, in a cup, etc. Try looking there! Sorry! that is a horrible feeling to lose a piece of jewelry that you love so much.
  4. Check all pockets and handbags. Do you ever take off your jewelry? Tell your neighbor you are missing your ring so they can look too! Find a flashlight and get on the floor. Look under everything. Flashlight makes the diamonds light up. I have found co-workers earrings four times by doing this.

    Keep us posted! Good luck!!
  5. Hope you find it! My stuff normally turns up on the floor of my room! I spend a lot of time there, so, it's logical lol...hope you find it, GL!!