I Lost Her.. And Drowning On my Own Sorrow

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  1. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    This is me right now. Ok here's the story.

    I totally missed out on the Diamond Shine Flap last year, and has been yearning for it for a while. Kept on dreaming about having one. And i thought that's the end of it as there is no way of having one (since i do not buy from eBay and alike).

    So, 2 days ago, i went to Chanel boutique and GUESS WHAT?? I SAW ONE DIAMOND SHINE FLAP IN BLACK! :wlae:. Puuurrrfect...I asked the SA to hold it for me as im still waiting for my funds to be transfered from overseas ( Yes, i finish all my $$ every month on my indulgences) Slap me if you wish. :p

    SO today i went to pick my new baby up and i couldnt be happier. As DH and i was waiting for the Jockey to get our car back from Valet, I opened her up and wanted to use her right away (IN THE WAITING AREA). Yes im in love. Then ...as with any new Chanel purchase, i will bring them up and SNIFF the leather, call me sick but i love the smell of leather :roflmfao:.

    Upon bringing her up close to my nose (with DH looking at me thinking :wtf:),
    i smelt her, then DH said "honey, what's that white bit on the stitches"? I said "what white bit". THen Dh took it from me and showed me. OMG OMG OMG...there are GLUES on the stitches where they connect or whatever. So upon closer inspection, i thought " no biggie, get a tweezer and just get those glues off". BUt obviously DH saw my calm and collected emotion, he guessed what i will do to her once i get my tweezer. (cuz i use my tweezer alot for whatever reason) :yes:.

    He warned me to bring her back up and let the EXPERTS do it. So there up i went back to the store. The manager apolozied, blah blah, and she tried to fix it. GUESS WHAT HAPPEND?? THE STITCHES BECAME LOOSE!!! SHE USED A TWEEZER TO get the glues out! WHAT A STUPID *&*&%*%*..ACTUALLy that could have been me.

    So there....they refund it and i totally lost her...forever she gone, forever my heart ache..my love for u will not die and rip..

    on a lighter note, CONGRATULATIONS TO ROCERCHIC for her NEW SHOCKINGLY LOVELY BRIGHTON BLUE CLEMENCE with ROSE interior..HAwttt! So i guess at least reading Rockerchic's stunning new love, i know there are plenty of love to share!
  2. Sorry to hear. Maybe you'll find another soon. :crybaby:
  3. oh no, sorry to hear about that :crybaby:

    don't worry, i'm sure you'll be able to find another one!
  4. :crybaby: That's so sad and disappointing!!!

    I really hope you are able to find another one!!!
  5. Aww I'm so sorry! I have a diamond shine flap (it was my bday gift to myself last year) and I love it! You should call NM and ask them to do a check in the system- my SA told me that there are still a couple floating around. Please ask- it's a great bag, you shouldn't miss out on having it!
  6. I saw a red diamond shine flap at Saks in Bala Cynwyd yesterday. If you are intrerested, be sure to ask for Damien.
  7. Aaaawwww...that's so disappointing! :sad: So sorry that happened to you...but I just know you'll find another one! :yes: Don't give up! ;)
  8. Oh Dear....I was meant to Say the DIAMOND STITCH! Silly me.:rolleyes:..there's where all the glues are, between the stitches..This is how distraught i was..and still am..btw..im not from the states..thanks you girls for the support...i know i can live through this..eventhough im very stubborn and hard-headed..im sure i will.....thanks..

    BTW, i have the Dismond shine flap in black..there's where the confusion is.;)
  9. awww that is sad! I hope you do find one soon!
  10. A silly SA once grabbed a bag from me and said "let me adjust that for you." I was in mid sentence saying, "please don't fiddle with it"... when she just pulled and did the same type of stupid thing with some stitching.

    Then she took it into the back saying, "I can fix it, I can fix it"... but I couldn't buy the bag after that. I hated thinking what damage she was doing in the back room.

    I know just how you feel! I'm so sorry! :sad:
  11. Oh I'm sorry you lost your bag. Maybe another one will pop up somewhere or you might fall in love with one of the new bags this season.
  12. That is so horrible! So sorry! Hope you find another one!
  13. If you're still looking for the Diamond STITCH flap, they have both the black & white one available at Saks NYC Chanel (the ~$1675 size). Also there's a red in the large size (the largest one they make in that Diamond Stitch flap style). I hope you're able to find one soon!
  14. Im sure something much better will come ur way and steal ur heart! :love::love:
  15. ^Yeah..He's the best!!! I'm sure other pf'r will contest to that!! Good luck!