I lost 7 pounds in 2 minutes!!!

  1. By taking my coat off :O I was in total shock :crybaby:thinking i had put on weight. I never realised my coat could weigh so much. I was thinking maybe 3-4 pounds at the most. But anyway Im down to 143 pounds :yahoo:My goal is 133
  2. Woo Hoo :yahoo:
    that's wonderful *cheers* not much to go :biggrin:
  3. oh my god thats amaazing.. haha im going to take my weight naked next tiem just in case.. ( not sure that will affect the 50 pounds i need to lose but u never know)

  4. HAHA... awesome! But I was looking at this thread and was like WOW how did she do that!

    Good luck on reaching your goal!
  5. LOL, I've done that too. I'll weigh myself & think, how did I gain 3 pounds?! Then I'll take off my jeans & go pee then weigh myself again & I'm back to normal weight:p
  6. Good for you!!!!! I had to laugh at your coat story b/c last week I went to a new doctor and her scale weighed me 12 lbs. heavier! I was flipped out! My clothes still fit the same and I didn't feel like I'd gained weight, but still, you never know!

    I rushed home and got on my old reliable scale and sure enough! I hadn't gained an ounce. It says the same thing it always does and the same thing every other scale has said too! What a scare!
  7. Leelee- I HATE being weighed at the Dr... I cringe. I ALWAYS weigh substantially more and it just makes me sooooo angry!
  8. Isn't that the truth? It's bad enough having to go to the doctor, but then having to get weighed too....yikes!!!!! It's enough to make you even more sick than you were!
  9. hahaha...i was really impressed at first..yeah clothes and other stuff like that really adds up to your weight!
  10. blah! you got my attention and excited! :p congrats on the initial weight loss!

    I hope to lose 5kg too!

  11. But leave your earrings on.

    My 5mm pearl posts are good for at least 5 pounds each, don't you think? ;)
  12. i think i lost about 10lbs after taking off my jacket, extra layers, scarf, and boots....seriously winter needs to be OVER!
  13. OOh what an awesome dieting/scale trick I must integrate this into my daily workout/translation work ;)
  14. When I had long hair I was so sure it added a couple of extra pounds to the scale! LOL!
  15. lol. that is the coolest thing ever.