I lost 100 pounds!

  1. Believe it! It took me 20 months! I use to be 250 pounds, XXl-XXXL shirt, 42 and up pants, Now I am 150 pounds, and wear a small shirt and a 30 waist!

    I starved a lot, it sucked, but I was desperate and tired of being made fun of!

    Ate tons of healthy foods, did so much cardio, I was doing 56 miles a week rollerblading and don't forget about the running I did too lol!

    Any ways, the best think I have ever done with my self! I did it all by my self, I had no support, no suppliments, NOTHING!! HARD WORK!!

    This is me now, I need to get my before picture back from the gym because they are going to post it on their website under RESULTS!
  2. No way !!! Congrats !!!Nice defined abs you got going there. No pain no gain huh !
  3. The only ****ty thing is I have scars from it (stretch marks and the smallest amount of extra skin). My parents both worked late and never had any one to cook for me so it was ALWAYS fast food. I got fat in the summer of going into 7th grade and I just never stopped until 2004 when I started to lose weight! It sucks, I kinda blame my parents... but look at me now!
  4. congrats! i'm trying to lose about 50 pounds, i lost 30 last summer, and it's harder than hell but so beyond worth it. you look great!
  5. Way to go! Congrats on taking your life by the horns. You have a body to be proud of!! I bet you get nothing but compliments and support now! :biggrin: You can always try a little coco-butter for the scars and stretch marks, it might help a little. Bonus: its like speading chocolate on your skin... smells sooo divine!
  6. Try use the lotion for the strecth marks,you can always cover it up by getting some tan. I think others would love to see before and after photos, great motivation.Keep up a great work !!!
  7. Wow, nice abs :shame: congratulations!!
  8. WOW! that is amazing! Congrats!
  9. Yeah that stuff smells sooooo goood but I dont think it works! and I am Tanorenix lol I Looooooove it, not so much in that pic but WOW now.. :smile:
  10. You look GREAT!!! CONGRATS!!!
  11. wow!! the people who teased you before must be feel stupid now haha ya look great!! now come over and be my trainer! i need motivation because summer is coming up haha
  12. Wow! Nice going!
  13. Wow you look great! Congrats!
  14. I am going to the gym tomorrow and I will ask for the pic so hopefully I will get it fridayish?
  15. That is a great accomplishment! Congratulations on your weight loss - you look great.