I LOOOOVE this forum!!!

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  1. I am sitting here at 7am slowly waiting to start a beautiful Friday morning. I just have to say that I love this forum a lot!

    It's so much fun reading people's posts about purses, life, purses, love, purses, shoes, purses..you get the drift. :lol:

    Anyone else?
  2. Its just after 7am here too, and i'm doing the same as you while i wake up :smile: and enjoy my coffee.
  3. i :heart: this forum so much! i've been on and off this forum for the past 3 hours or so! its after 11pm - friday night here! HOW SAD AM I??? :roflmfao: I should be out and about ... painting the town red etc.... hehehe! not feeling 100% so its best to stay home and post on this forum! ;) love you PF!
  4. here it's 1.30p.m and i'm enjoying my lunch while writing on the PF through my notebook!!!
    i have to come back to the office in 15 minutes, so it's better if i hurry up and eat my lunch!!!!!:nuts:
  5. :yahoo: The ladies on this fourm give me so much great information, it is like I have girlfriends all over the world.

    Love it!!!!:love: :love: :love:

    A little after 8:00 am in the ATL
  6. It's about 7:30 here in the midwest, and the weather sucks (as it has all week) and, well, you know what I'm doing!
  7. i :heart: this forum also!!
  8. Love PF! :heart:

    You guys are the best!!!
  9. You know what, Vondervall, I have a confession! Everytime I see your name, I hear Brazillian music! I LOVE IT! I have never been to Rio....only when my baby smiles at me! hahaha....I want to visit! I love this place too! :yes:
  10. ME TOO! But, it is always running in the background....having a good lunch?
  11. that's good to know! come! come! i promise i'll take you on a tour and show you those places that people talk about when they visit. did i tell you that i am foreigner married to a brazilian? plan a visit between december to march because that's the best time of the year - get out of freezing europe and come to sunny rio

  12. This is the first site I go to when I turn on my computer in the morning at work, so yes yes yes, I too :heart::heart::heart::heart: this forum.

    N I love the new smilies!!!! :biggrin::yahoo:
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