I looooovvee this birkin!

  1. Wow .... is that bright!
  2. WOW! Looks like the sun spit out a Birkin!:amuse: The color is amazing!
  3. Aha, the yellow is really bright, isnt it?

    I wonder how the real color look like in real life. You dont see a lot of yellow birkins, I wonder if the color is still available. Perhaps not a lot of ppl are a fan of this color, coz the color is not easy to match with your wardrobe.
  4. I have an LV yellow Epi Alma and it's lots of fun to carry - this seems to be a little more "lemony." How fun for spring and summer!
  5. I love the colour! it's fun.:idea:
  6. It is in your face yellow! It would make people happy just seing you carry it.
  7. im in love......such a nice color
  8. That is gorgeous! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. it's definitely going to be one of a kind!

    Maybe it's the only one in Indo if you decide to purchase it ;)
  10. OMG! I love this color.
  11. that color will definitely get you noticed! so bright!!
  12. Yellow on Epsom in real life is not as sharp as it looks on the photos. The seller has sharpened the color of her photos way too much :shocked:
  13. WOW that's bright! Such a nice, fresh color, but other than an all-white outfit it would be hard to match.
  14. you are right it is much more muted in real life. still a wonderful bright yellow ( gold harbware looks best) but not as neon as on the pictures above.