I listed my paddy...

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  1. Okay so you all probably think I am crazy (or desperate, which I assure you I am not) selling 2 bags in one weekend; I just consider it Spring Cleaning.

    My hubby is selling his 54 Chevy (it is a bit of a bucket, in need of Chip Foose and the overhaulin team) to finance race parts; and, I am selling my 06 Paddy to finance more Balenciaga buying...we all need our fix. :P

    Okay, so I am not trying to shove my listings down anyone's throat; but, thought I would share in case there was anyone genuinely interested in the anthracite paddington.

    6844331192 - ebay ID
  2. Aww what a shame to part...
  3. P.S. We don't have anything against established members plugging their occasional bag sales here. Just in case anyone was wondering. :idea:
  4. ok I WANT IT!!!!!!! i dont know how to use Ebay am trying to find you there now!!
  5. ok found it.. ummm isnt that a bit expensive? selling it more than retail? i thought you were going to sell it for less? is it the medium or small size i cant figure it out
  6. Retail is $1720. This color is not the standard color. The standard color sells for $1500. This one (metallic color) in anthracite and silver costs $1720.
    So its NOT expensive at all.
  7. Oh man, I wish I had $1700 to spare :sad: It's a beauty..
  8. Nope not desperate! A woman on a mission is what I call it!
  9. It's beautiful!
    Too bad I'm waiting for my cream paddy to come in!!
  10. Thanks Superbaby - for answering the pricing question for me.

    Serendipity3kb - I am glad you understand. :P

    and everyone else - just wish me luck. :biggrin:

    If this one does go to a new home I know I will buy another paddy in the future, I will just be smarter with my color choice, my wardrobe needs more casual/muted tones in a handbag.
  11. Oh man, what a beautiful bag! I could see wandering down the streets of Chicago or NYC with this bag and a big pair of sunglasses and feeling like a movie star...I love it. But, unfortunately, my student budget can't make that happen. But if I did have the cash (oh, if I did) I'd be happy to pay this price for a bag this rare. Good luck, Loganz! :biggrin:
  12. so pretty :heart:. if only i had the extra money!

    and the price seems completely reasonable to me, they're sold out everywhere and retail for $1720. no complaining!
  13. How much does the paddy listed price? :idea: I haven't had time to check on ebay. Good luck Loganz!!
  14. Your bag is STUNNING!
  15. I listed the paddy at $1700, with a buy now of $1800. It is brand new, and it cost me a little over $1770 with currency exchange fees from my CC company. I am just trying to come as close to breaking even as possible after Ebay takes their fees.

    Thanks for the compliments on the bag ladies, it is a looker; but, I am hoping it can go to a home where it will be more than a "closet-centerpiece". :P