I liked being made an example of at the H store.

  1. I know this has probably happened to all of you...I left work early, went uptown....couldnt help myself from walking through the Hermes store. As I was walking past one counter, I overheard a sales associate talking to a client about a kelly. I didnt get a close look, but I think they were looking at a 25 or 28. As I passed by, I noticed they were looking (trying not to be too obvious) in my direction, and I overheard the saleslady say, "That's a 32."

    I was, of course, carrying my one kelly bag, bought at that same store - a black togo with palladium. I got a kick out of my kelly bag being pointed out as an example.

    Walking down the street, I saw so many bright Hermes bags. A beautiful dark haired woman with a 25 cm fushia birkin. Another lovely woman, a blonde, with a potorin birkin with gold hardware. And then, rushing down 5th Avenue, another gorgeous woman with a togo Thallassa blue birkin bag! That one almost was stopping traffic - quite a feat here. I also saw a few gold clemence birkin bags - by this time I was rushing for the subway so not really paying attention to bags anymore.
  2. Oh that IS fun!!!
  3. Thanks for drawing that colorful mental picture. Sigh. I miss NY.
  4. I love your story, Jedimaster! I like "being made an example of" too.

    Sounds like you saw lots of great bags that day!
  5. Jedimaster, you just "modeled" for Hermes....
  6. WOW - Hermes heaven!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I wish I could run into several Hermes bags in one day!
  8. AHHH... thats why I love NY. I wish I was there:crybaby:
    HOWEVER I'm coming the week after next! YAY!
  9. LOL....last time I plonked my Birkin down at my store, two women walked in and started touching it, and one asked the SA "how much is this bag"?.....LMAO......The SA explained it was my bag, but then went on to tell them the dimensions and the leather. They were both so lovely about it, I didn't mind. It's nice to have a bag that someone else covets!
  10. I'd be starring and pointing at your bag too if I saw it!!! Lovely! =)
  11. That basically happened to me today too, Grands Fonds. But it was fun because I got to extol the virtues of Evergrain, which even the woman who runs the H "counter" at Richards was really not that familiar with (they have, like, NO Birkins. Ever.).
  12. wow! nice story! I hardly spot other H bags here, eps in my neck of the woods ;) Well, I did once an Ostrich Fuschia Birkin.. that made my day yummy delicious! Glad that you had a Hermes Day! :dothewave:
  13. K, you wouldn't believe the same thing happened to me in the month of May. I was with some of the girls from here at a closed door H event at our store. And like you, I'd plonked my birkin on the counter top, and was going through the leather swatches with my SA and a friend. My back was turned and didn't see how it started. A lady had picked up my bag and modelled with it. She thought the bag was a display bag, and she showed it off to 2 of her other friends. It was funny that it didn't even occur to her my belongings were all inside it. She was apparently just too in awe to see a Rose Shocking Birkin. :p I was oblivious to this, until Queenie called out to me, and alerted to this happening behind me.
  14. DITTO. :heart:
  15. If I saw your Rose, MrsS, I think I would've done the same :roflmfao: