I like used bags! Anyone else?

  1. New vachetta scares me. I like older bags where I don't have to worry about it so much. And I love older patina! I've done my research and found some nice stuff on eBay thanks to this forum. Plus, I just can't bring myself to pay the full retail price every time.
    Anyone else?
  2. I've been looking more at used bags lately on eBay... I really prefer the honey color that comes with time. In my opinion, it looks nicer and the patina gives you a lot less to worry about. Can't lose.
  3. I do! Getting a brand new bag (although very entertaining and exciting at times) can be scary for me since I don't take care of things too well (yes, I'm guilty of splashing water on brand new vachetta more than once! You'd think I'd learn my lesson...). It also depends on how "used" the bag is. When I first started out with LV, I bought what I thought was cheap...until I realized that giving your LV a "facelift" is time-consuming and kinda expensive. I try to get a bag in really good condition with some patina/light patina (dirty patina is a big no-no). Of course, I give the bags a good rub down...you don't know where they've been!
  4. Plus I can get more of them! For the price of a new Trotteur, I got a secondhand Trotteur AND a pochette!
  5. I don't mind used in excellent condition, can't beat saving $$$$!:graucho:
  6. ^^Gotta take advantage of the savings! Even though I've spent way too much (I have to pay it back, slowly)...I don't regret it. I've bought enough to make a cute little collection.
  7. I saved over $100 on a five-month-old Speedy 25 recently. BUt I am wary sometimes about used, since the first LV I bought from eBay was 10 years old and smelled like an ashtray.
  8. i love used bag if they look brand new! and yes the money saving part is the best. :yes:
  9. I love used bags, cheap and cheerful...well for me ! lol
  10. i love used bags! they don't look fake (uck). the color is so much more rich. i feel less guilty about actually USING it. and i gotta admit, i like the pricebreak. after i bought my marelle sac a dos for 1G, i was going to ban myself for a while, but a couple pieces later at some reasonable prices popped up and well......yay!
  11. i LOVE used bags!!! love them, love them, love them! gotta love saving money and therefore being able to buy more bags! And I do prefer a nice honey patina so much more than naked vachetta!
  12. I'm with you...I like the look of a honey patina bag..:yes:

    I've only purchased just a few things new..the rest of my collection has been pre-owned..
  13. I love the honey too. :love: I purchased one new bag, but that was the Antigua Cabas MM with almost no vachetta!
  14. Pick me..
    I purchased my mono speedy, piano, noe and just recent ellipse used.
  15. I've always wanted to get the mono but was so afraid of the vachetta.
    I learned about ebay here the PF and I finally got two mono bags last week!!!
    A speedy 25 and a BH! both a few months old and pretty good deal too.
    I would still get the other brands and LV models in the stores (DH's choice:P )
    He's not into any kind of used stuff.
    But still... I do love my new babies from ebay!!!!;)