I like those Koala agendas, do they make different color...

  1. lining than pink or orange?
  2. red/pink and orange I think
  3. they have a black as well i believe
  4. blue too!
  5. I think they came with a brown interior last year, and a light blue, too? Could be total wrong...but that's what I think.
  6. Yay..Good news, my old agenda is light colored and does not look good with age, I need a new one but with darker lining, I will search for a Koala with dark lining.
    Thanks for info.
  7. I have the one with the BLACK interior and SILVER hardware!!! I LOVE IT!
  8. :nuts: :heart: :graucho: :drool: I want yours, classic look.
  9. wow i didnt know it came in so many colors.
  10. Black and blue too
  11. And here I thought it was only 2 colors :shame:
  12. So all the colors are pink, blue, black and orange? I think the red is only for damier. Any other colors? :P