I like this!

  1. Think this is a really pretty bag for summer, that linen makes me think of lazy days in a hammock by the sea, with a stack of books and a jug of Sangria (and no need for a handbag whatsoever, LOL..)


  2. That is really cute.
  3. I do like this too. Very pretty. Though in my limited travels, I wouldn't get the use out of this bag. I think it is almost too dressy for Everyday Spring or Summer wear. So for now I'll take the Books and the Sangria sans the bag.
  4. Need a close up of that linen to get the summery feel of this bag, don't think it's that dressy, linen pants and sandals would do..oh, I like it:heart:

  5. Love the buckles on the side too!
  6. I can see Maggie's planning on making a purchase :beach:
  7. Someone please tell us that name of that Kooba.

    Do you note the same signature pleat on the front, just like the Jillian.
  8. It's super cute but $575 for a linen bag?
    I think not.
    If I'm going to justifying paying those type of prices, it better be some good quality leather. ;)
  9. Exactly jade.

    Drop that bag into the mud and see what happens. I would much rather have all leather.