I like this one...but what about the veins..too many???

  1. I think that is the veiniest (word?) I've ever seen.
    That being said, I have nothing against the veiny bags, I have both old and new leathers and like both for different reasons.
    I found, as well as a lot of others, that the initial look of the 06' bags (shininess, veins) lessens with use.
  2. mrsmac, there is a thread where someone asks about this seller.
    They seem to have a questionable reputation according to some in this thread. I have not dealt with this seller personally though.
  3. I personally would not get it.. but if you like the veiny look, then :smile: It just looks very crinkly and stiff to me, if you understand what I'm saying. And PS. BellaFiore is right- the seller has been discussed here before on a couple of threads. You should search hgbags here and check her out before you purchase anything, imo.
  4. Too Veiny! I have new 06' bags and they are no where near that veiny. I would wait for a different one. And I would def. check out the thread about hgbags and make your own decision about that seller before you bid.
  5. Actually I :heart: it.
  6. I have purchased a gorgeous ink twiggy from this seller, but it ended up being not too veiny at all! The leather feel silky :smile:

    Besides, the 2006's haven't been around long enough to know what they end up like after a year of use....people have already noticed the veins lessening though!

    I would hurry up and snatch up an ink city while you still can! This colour seems like it is becoming quite coveted!

    Help that helped :flowers:

    If you want you can PM me and I can send you more pics of my hgbags ink twiggy :heart:
  7. honestly, the veins kinda gross me out. sorry!
  8. ^Ditto. Mrsmac, have you tried contacting one of the stores (Neimans, Barney's, or Saks) about an ink city? This seller is selling the bag at retail, but perhaps you can call the stores and request one that is not so veiny? Good luck!
  9. Yes, when I bought my ink city, Bal NY picked a bag with hardly any veins. They will do their best to make ya happy.
  10. that bag is so veiny... not my bag of tea. i'd calla round or wait for a smoother one to pop up!
  11. looks pretty to me
  12. i agree with emila & think the bag's gorgeous just the way it is!!!

    p.s. i'm in the minority that :heart: 's this style leather
  13. I bought my ink city from shirises and it's not veiny at all. I did see a really veiny ink bag at a local boutique in my area. The leather was very veiny/marbley looking like this one and the leather looked like a crumpled up piece of paper, which really turned me off the ink color until I got my city. If you wait or look around I'm sure you can find one that has better leather.
  14. I don't like veiny leather :sad: