I like this bag!

  1. The poppy bags were at TJ Maxx recently.
  2. Yes - check out tjmaxx - they were at mine last weekend.
  3. I've often thought the second one would be a cool beach/vacation bag, my husband dives and we like nautical motifs. I just don't see spending that much for what I see as a whimsical tote.
    The poppy tote is cute too!
  4. I've always liked the poppy tote. I'm not a big fan of the second one posted.
  5. That poppy line has been growing on me - I like it! Must go to TJMaxx and see if it's there.
  6. I just put the sig poppy shoulder bag and demi on layaway at TJ's!
    It came to $340 for both!
  7. I have always loved the poppy line. I need to check my TJ Maxx! I did not see them last time I was there...only fish demis.
  8. Oooh...I'm headed to TJ's TODAY!!!! Please...How much was the poppy tote and demi???

    I like both of those bags, but the Poppy one is good for longer: Spring AND Summer.
  9. For me the first one works, it's cute. I have the brown suede coach poppy floral in a hippie.
  10. i like them both too but i just saw the bubble at T.J Maxx so im with everyone else go there first before you bid on it.
  11. I like the poppy tote, unsure about the bubble one.
  12. I love the Poppy stuff. I got the duffle on sale at Nordstrom last summer. I felt so lucky...I wanted it for a long time!
  13. i want a white poppy for my spring bag this year:drool: