I like this bag....and...

  1. I don't have any bag that can across my shoulder or something like messenger bags, so I want to get one and I like this Coach camera bag in red. My question is I saw some tPFers have initials on the bold strip, so how much does it cost? Can I choose fonts that I like? How long should I wait for it? Thank you for help.
  2. not sure about the cost of monogramming...but i'm pretty sure you can only do it in the one font.
  3. most of the mongram bags are $25.00 extra to monogram, and kallison's right only one choice of font
  4. I got this from the Coach site

    Coach monogramming is created through an extensive six-step process using a unique, hand-cut stencil application.
    Your chosen initials appear in a tone-on-tone lozenge positioned on the front right side of the product’s stripe. The color of the lozenge and initials are determined by the color of the product.
    The placement and size of the lozenge is determined by the amount of initials and the product you have selected.
    Due to the personalization of Coach monogrammed products, we regret that they cannot be returned.
    Please allow 10 additional business days for delivery. All items in order ship together.
  5. Thank you for the details. :yes: