I like the Mandy more......

  1. LOL - no pun intended, but I went to the store today to buy a pond shoulder. Problem is, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the natural mandy - but I already have a camel colored bag. The mandy is the perfect size for me, and I'm wondering if the shoulder in pond would look too small on my frame - 5'10"??? I don't have any 'smallish' bags that I can carry my essentials in. I put my stuff in it and everything fit, but there was no extra room.

    what should i do????
  2. I have 2 Mandy's.... Several of us do.
  3. do you ever feel like it's too big for an every day bag?
  4. I think you should go for it if you really like the style! :yes:

    You can always also get a satchel in natural-those are beatiful, too!
  5. Get which one? the mandy? You don't think it's too much to have 2 camel/natural bags?
  6. I just got the Mandy in black and I love it.
    If you love the camel get it and have two bags in camel.
    You could also get the Mandy in Whiskey or black which are
    both Neutral colors. I do agree with you on the Legacy Shoulder
    bag. I own it in the whiskey and for me it is really not large enough.
    I have only worn it once and am thinking of returning it. Go for the
    Mandy though it is beautiful and large and will look great on your tall

  7. I think it's fine as long as the style is different.:yes:
    And let's face it: the Legacy collection is amazing-the best collection Coach has made IMO as I pretty much like every pice in it :shame:

    Let us know what you decide and post pics pls!
  8. thanks Liz. I've got a black bbag so i'm good with black, and whiskey I'm not in love with, but I do like the natural, but I also like pond... why oh why can't the stupid bag I want just come in pond and I'd be all set??? LOL
  9. i love the title of the thread. very cute.
  10. I agree you could get the leather satchel instead of the Mandy. That is the one I have and LOVE it.