I like the fact my husband has opinions (about bags)

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  1. My husband and I took a walk to find a mountain bike for him today (he ended up getting a Trek 3900 - a very cool bike and I am anxious to borrow it). On the way, I asked for his opinion on my next possible bag purchase. As I may have mentioned, I recently sold my one kelly bag, which was a gold togo 32 retourne PH, because I thought the size was awkward for me (I should have gone smaller/28 or larger/35). I would like something gold to replace it (already have a gold togo birkin, but I would like a smaller, shoulder-option bag) - so I asked him whether I should go with a bolide or a kelly bag. Without hesitating even a second, he said, "the kelly". My jaw dropped (somewhat involuntarily). Before I could open my mouth, he said, "Well you should get whichever you want, and you always have good taste in whatever you buy, and the bolide is a fine bag, but I like the kelly better." Well case closed.
    I like the fact that my husband has opinions about this stuff and is not hesitant to offer them. Do you guys solicit your husband/partner's opinions and do you find them to be helpful?
    (I saw a 31 cm gold clemence mou bolide with PH yesterday, which is part of what drove me to ask the question).
  2. Your husband is such a sweetie!!! My BF is the same way and he has a way of "keeping me grounded" at the H store. He will help me choose the right color and size and often reminds me of what I have so I do not "double up" too much. That being said, he understands that a black purse is not just a black purse...different hermes leathers give a different feel. Also, he is also always asking if we needed to stop by the H store on our travels!! How cool is that!
  3. my dh bought my h bag, so yeah, he has opinions. and of course it's fun and important to share something i care about with him, but i also know that he would pick the kelly too, yet he has no experience having/carrying/using a purse, so there are some things he cannot really judge. he can have a preference, but his opinion isn't really as informed as the TPf members, which is why i'm here. lol
  4. So true - the ergonomics of it, are subjective and it would be hard for someone who doesnt actually carry this kind of bag, or even a bag at all, to evaluate this.
    No disrespect to anyones husband (especially my own!) but I wonder how much of their opinions is based on extraneous "stuff" like what their mom wore (or didnt wear), cost (either, in favor or the wife spending money on herself, or against it, depending on the individual dynamic), status (having a wife with a kelly or birkin bag - some guys would get a kick out of having a well outfitted spouse, others could care less). I have even heard a couple of young men I work with say, what they like their wife to wear is what they would have worn if they had been a woman.

    My husband's an artist, so his opinions of what I should or shouldnt wear, are usually purely aestetic (which of course confirms your point, hiheels - there is much more than the pure appearance to be considered)
  5. Wow it is so nice of your DH to share and spread the excitement around a bit and talk about your bags. Most guys would be so blind to that and just be glomming over their new toy or gadget the whole time.
  6. I always ask DH his opinion on my bags. He's currently in love with the chevre Kelly. I've found he really has an opinion about it, and bases his opinions on things I wouldn't have thought of, which is great. (He's a Kelly guy, too).
    Mind you, sometimes he can be a real pain, and if I were to say "what bag next?" he would say "hmmmm.....plastic shopping bag??", or something equally as annoying! LOL!
  7. He's so sweet! I wish more men would actually dare answer to such a question un-mockingly.
  8. My husband also has opinions. He loves the Birkin for the clean (unfussy) lines and he loves the Kelly for its femininity. He really hates the bolide, says its goofy looking. I don't always listen to him but I do always like to know his thoughts.
  9. Interesting thread...

    My current collection includes a birkin, kelly, evelyne, and massai...DH definitely has his H preferences...he is also a "kelly man"... He says the look is classy/sexy...
  10. Gazoo...LOL...My DH does not like the bolide at all, either...I have tried it on a couple of times and he just shakes his head...he did not like the gao...but does like the evelyne and massai... He likes the birkin...and loves the kelly...
  11. Guess a lot of men are fans of the kelly, my husband included! He's not keen on birkins, says he doesn't understand what the fuss is about. But he keeps asking me when I'm getting a BB kelly, LOL.
  12. i prefer my DH not knowing too much about H bc it might work against me later when i need to do another secret purchase. hehe he's not too interested in knowing too much about H anyways, he's only familiar with 2 styles of H bags: birkin and kelly. he has no clue about the leather or the colors. i recently (secretly) bought a swift birkin and told him it was "my mom's bag from 4 yrs ago". now, had he known that swift was a pretty new leather, that trick would not have worked on him! so for me, the less he knows the better!! muhahaha when i need him to know about something (to buy for me!), i'll just tell him. he prefers it that way with other things as well bc it's less work and stress for him.
  13. My husband loves fine leather goods, and fine quality craftsmanship and materials in general. I'm also lucky in that he has very good taste and doesn't minding spending money on quality. It's one of the reasons I married him! :heart: :heart: That said, I always discuss handbag purchases with him and appreciate his comments--but I still make the final decisions.
  14. When we travel, he helps me pick the bag that I should bring along.

    I told him that I wanted a black box kelly with gold hardware or gold on gold kelly as my next target, he nods and says, "good choice".
  15. My DH wants me to get a gold 35 with GH which I secretly love, or if money was no object----he wants me to get a white 35 and have a local graffiti artist spraypaint it and basically grafitti the hell out of it.