I like the ergo hobo...but...

  1. I don't like how it doesn't have any of the metal hardware on it at all. Does this sound strange? I would love a purse that looks like this but only if it had "more", like how the Carly does. Is there anything like the ergo hobos that have some sort of hardware on them that seperate the bag from the handle? Also, do these stand up by themselves? I like the Legacy shoulder bag too and am leaning more towards this just because it has more to it than the ergos do. I would like a leather bag now since I have 2 Sig bags.
  2. Have you checked out the Ergo Belted Ergo?

  3. I don't think that's strange at all. I only really like the large hobo--because I love the big brass turnlock on the front!!! :smile:
  4. The belted is cute. I like it better than the plain. Does it come in leather also?
  5. Yes it comes in both leather and signature.
  6. I'm totally addicted to my ergos... I have two and want MORE!
  7. I have the belted siggy Ergo hobo and love it. I want to get it in leather now. I don't have a problem with it standing up on its own.
  8. Me too...totally addicted to my ergos and I have two too and want more.
    I think the belted one is the way to go if you want metal hardware.
  9. Me THREEEEE!!!!! I have two as well...a chocolate siggy hobo and a tobacco leather belted hobo. Check out our Ergo Club thread for pics! The reason the ergo line is sooooooooooooo comfortable and lightweight is b/c there is no big metal hardware on these bags!!!! I LOVE that!!!! Even the belted ergos are light b/c the metal is not sooooooooo thick and heavy like Mr. T's necklaces!!!!!
  10. I don't have anything from the ergo line but I do like the hobos and totes. I like bags with hardware, that is what attracted me to Coach in the first place so IKWYM