I like snake skin...

  1. :tender: I think animal print handbag is always hot in fall/winter season.
    Especially, I like snake skin most. They are extremely hot, sexy
    and great quality, so I list few bags that I like and intend to buy
    in the future. However, they are also very pricey, so I probably
    go with kate spade snake pattern purse. There are pics:
    Be&Dsnake.jpg chloesnake.jpg Guccisnake.jpg katespadesnake.jpg
  2. I personally do not like snake but I don't mind the Chloe python silverado bag. :nuts:

    Out of all your choices, I'll probably go for the Chloe snake bag. The other bags with the brown snake skin is too realistic for me to even get near the bags. :sweatdrop:

  3. I was like you, but I got over it. I LOVE IT NOW. :cutesy:
  4. I liked kate spade snake purse..it's my style..where can i get one??:nuts:
  5. I'd deffo go for the Chloe :biggrin:
  6. I love my snakeskin boots! Definitely love the KS purse!
  7. i really like the chloe, especially the pyhton silverado... the snake skin are soooo soft. it's gorgeous!
    whereas i don't really like the "hard" snakeskin... i've tried on a devi kroelle, it's scaryyyy :P
  8. I :heart: snakeskin! Looooooooove it.
  9. I really like the Chloe but my second choice would be the Gucci.
  10. I love snakeskin, but in dyed colors (so I prefer the Chloe to the others).
  11. Me too!! That Gucci is TDF!!
  12. The only snake skin bags I have are with it as a trim or on the handles. The Gucci is nice though.
  13. You can order it on line and more style you can choose!!!:idea: