i like marc Jacobs bag with shiny gold hardware. what about you?

  1. i like marc Jacobs bag with shiny gold hardware. what about you?

    I prefer the shiny gold compared to silver or rusty gold.

    I think shiny gold makes the bag look more expensive and rich.
  2. I like both...although, all of my bags have the silver hardware, while my zip clutch has gold. I think it is interesting how the different colored hardware can give two fairly similar colors (new petrol and peacock, for instance) a completely different look.
  3. I like both gold h/w and silver..I'm not a fan of antiqued gold though...
  4. I prefer the silver-toned hardware. I own mostly silver jewelry (very little gold), and have a hard time mixing metals.
  5. I love silver hardware too :smile:
  6. Gold!
  7. I like both the shiny gold and silver; it just depends on my mood. However, I'm not a fan of the antiqued gold or the brushed silver hardware.
  8. I like silver and gold although I do not like the antiqued gold
  9. Interesting!
    I prefer the antiqued or brush finishes, then the silver. Shiny gold okay in small doses like ZCs.

    I passed my lrg cocoa MP to my sis because I couldn't deal with all the shiny gold.
  10. I love them all! I think they're all gorgeous and make each bag look different and unique! I'm too diplomatic, aren't I?
  11. I like both...definitely depends on the bag color. I have alot of colors....tomatoe, sap green, maroon, berry...all need silver IMO. But my black and topaz bags look great with gold.
  12. ^ i agree. i think i prefer the silver hardware, but the gold looks great on my chestnut hudson. i like the antique gold too. i thought they gave the original stam some character. the shinier hardware that came out in subsequent years looked a little too "bling" for me.
  13. I definitely prefer the nickel. And I liked the 05 stams with antiqued gold h/w better than the current ones. But today I saw a tapioca blake IRL and it wasn't as "blingy" as I thought it would be. I thought it was actually pretty stunning. Maybe because it's one of the simpler styles? Because of this sighting I think I may go for a bone blake this fall.
  14. i definitely prefer the silver/nickel, but i wouldn't say no to gold if it was combined with the right color... like the light grey that he had recently, that was gorgeous with gold!
  15. Same here so I'll have to go with silver on this one! :smile: